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“Should I go one more day? I’m feeling much better now!”

Good question. Let’s say you’ve been on an extended fast for a few days and woke up one morning with a noticeable improvement. Your eyes might be clearer and sharper; your energy level is high; your nasal passages have felt clearer than they’ve been for years. Great! Be sure to CELEBRATE that win (or make plans to celebrate it after you’ve resumed normal eating). Now, it might be tempting to conclude that the fast has been successful and that you can now think about breaking it.

Not so fast! There are at least two reasons why you might want to give the fast at least one more day. The first reason is that you need to VERIFY that what you’re feeling is, indeed, a definite plateau or just a momentary peak in the continuous peak and valley journey of healing. It’s common wisdom that the healing process is often punctuated by days of feeling on top of the world followed by days feeling totally depleted. You don’t want to rush into breaking the fast too early.

Another good reason to take things a little slowly now is simply to give your body the gift of at least another night of healing. Healing happens most optimally at night. Give the body time to heal even more effectively in this new state of health!

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