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There are, of course, great advantages to ordering from However, I’d like to give you some reasons to consider ordering directly from “a store called W,” MY site:

1. Bonuses with your order!
Starting with your very first order, you’ll receive bonus downloads. As of today, every order will receive 3 free ebooks from Walt (7 Conversations to Freedom, The Integrated Life and In Search of a Better Belief System). If you order any item from the Ageless Adept™ series, you’ll receive The S.W.E.A.T. Manifesto as a bonus!

2. Infinite freebies
Once you’re a customer, then any time I release a new free e-book, report or manifesto, you’ll be notified and will have to do nothing except say yes to get your copy!

3. Cheaper than Amazon
If you find an item at a cheaper price on Amazon (not an Amazon re-seller), let me know, and I’ll do my best to match and/or beat Amazon’s price. It’s not always possible, of course (Amazon can afford to lose money on some sales indefinitely), but I’ll do my best!

4. Infinite access
Did you lose your laptop? Did your harddrive get corrupted? No worries! the download links on THIS site will NEVER expire! You’ll always have access to download and re-download your e-books, mp3s or mp4s at any time!

5.The human touch
Have an idea for a customization? Found a typo you want fixed before you recommend the book to others? Want a discount? Email me and you’ll be communicating with me, Walt Goodridge–alien soul in human form for the time being. Anything is possible–and quickly–when you’re NOT dealing with bureaucracy of a big conglomerate ruled by a fiscal bottom line!

6. Jeff Bezos is my friend!
My good buddy, Jeffie B., says he wants your money ALL the time, EVERY time. However, since he and I are friends, he told me to tell you that it’s okay this
time for you to order from me directly! Really! Want to see the memo?


and finally….

7. My books are actually printed and shipped by Amazon!
Okay, so you really want to give your money to Amazon? Don’t worry! If you’ve attended my “Little Flights of Fancy” Writer Workshops, watched the videos on the Youtube channel, or read “Turn My Passion Into Profit As a Writer,” you know that I recommend and personally use KDP (Kindle Direct Publishing, formerly Createspace) to print and ship books to my customers. KDP is an Amazon company and the books are actually shipped out by Amazon! Your order placed HERE on my site just gives me a little financial advantage and spreads the wealth around a bit sooner!