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Passion Profit™ Series

▪ When do I quit my job?

▪ How do I deal with toxic people?




Ageless Adept™ Series

▪ The Carrot Conversation

▪ What’s Wrong with the Food I Eat???

▪ What if I Don’t Like Vegetables???



Think & Fast Long™ Series

▪ The Toxin-Induced, Parasite-Accelerated Erosion of Pristine Childhood Cognition, and How to Restore it in 90 Days or Less! (Coming Soon!)




Worm War 101™ Series




Nomadpreneur™ Series

Several years ago, as part of my 6-month adventure through China and beyond (Beijing, Kunming, Hainan, Laos, Singapore), I found myself in a small hotel room in China, Xishuangbanna, being interviewed via Skype by KY of the KYShow Podcast. We talked about turning passion into profit, the nomadpreneuring lifestyle and much more! It’s one of my favorite interviews from that time! Check it out here as part of the Passion Prophet channel’s “Turn Your Pandemic into Profits” series!