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Within this store, you’ll find books, audio, video, apps, oourses and coaching in a range of series. If your goal is to start your own business, improve your health or escape your current situation, you just might find something of value on these shelves!

Passion Profit™ Series

Turn your passion into profit, and mke money doing what you love 

▪ The Hip Hop Entrepreneur™ series

▪ The Pandemicpreneur™ series

▪ The Nomadpreneur™ series



Ageless Adept™ Series

How to live a natural life in an unnatual world & achieve, perfect health, long life and the fountain of youth!

▪ The Fast & Grow Young™ series of books (plus “Think & Fast Long” coaching and motivation)

▪ The Parasite Report series of books, videos and blog




The Discover Saipan™ Series

Discover the history and the mystery of this little-known US territory in the western Pacific with Walt Goodridge, the Jamaican on Saipan!

▪ Books about the Asia-Pacific lifestyle, culture and history

▪ In-person, private tours, apps, documentaries








You’ll also find information about upcoming workshops, my passion projects, fun merchandise, a whole lot of FREE downloads and more! Check out all the categories!