Coded to Heal: The Long Lost Operations Manual for the Human Body by William Howard Hay


What if every human body came with an Operations Manual–a manual showing you how to maintain your body for optimal function; explaining in simple terms what causes disease and how to avoid, fix and recover from them? What if you stumbled upon this manual, but skepticism prevented you from getting it?

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“The best immunity is good health.”–The Ageless Adept (on natural immune system boosters to survive the virus)

“Truth doesn’t expire. Often it simply falls out of favor.”


What if every human body came equipped with its own Owner’s Operations Manual?

What if, as a result of such a unique gift, you knew how to maintain your body for optimal function throughout your life?

What if this manual explained to you in simple terms what caused disease and, more importantly, how to avoid and/or fix and recover if such disease developed in your body?

What if you knew, as a result of your body’s operations manual, what to do, what not to do, what to eat, what not to eat, when to eat and even how to properly eat to keep the body functioning optimally? Would that not be valuable information?

Better still, what if, instead of a separate manual for each person, there had actually been ONE such manual originally developed at the dawn of man’s appearance on the planet that contained all the necessary rules for the body’s care and healing for all of mankind to follow. What if there had been, in fact, some wise authority that laid down these rules seeking to provide early humankind with a foolproof guidebook for best practices to achieve perfect health, long life and its very own fountain of youth?

What if such a guide existed, but through the course of human history, a sequence of unfortunate events, perhaps even direct suppression, the information fell out of favor, out of public consciousness, and simply disappeared, leaving man to flounder in his understanding of himself, his surroundings and his health?

Well, I suggest to you that such a manual did, in fact, exist. However, it was never chiseled into stone tablets or painted onto papyrus, but was hidden in plain sight–recorded in such a way that one would need no special degrees, training or skill in order to access or use this valuable knowledge.
Throughout history, using simple observation, critical analysis, deductive reasoning, historical precedent, the accumulation of personal experience, and even ancient texts, seekers of the truth of health, have reached the same conclusions: that Nature is foolproof, that the body is coded to heal and thrives only on real food, and that there is only one disease, and thus, only one cure.

Few have made the case as convincingly or as eloquently as William Howard Hay, a former MD who renounced his training after discovering “the manual” through his own experience and that of his clients. Coded to Heal is the modern reissue of Hay’s now public domain–work, Health via Food, with the purpose of maintaining public access to this vital information in modern formats.

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