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The Tao of Wow


Ancient wisdom. Modern success. Apply this poetic compendium of universal truths to any are of your lfe in which you seek “success.” Read more at (opens in new window)

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“The student of Wow must choose to believe that the course of any event can be altered by thought alone. No Wow can occur without the belief that the seemingly unchangeable laws of reality are subject to change at any moment. The Wow Master knows that things unseen are behind all things that are seen, and that thought is the first cause of circumstance….” — The Tao of Wow

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Physical or Digital? Read this before you order ANY book!

The Power of the Paperback!:
Digital books (pdfs/ebooks for Kindle/Nook e-readers) are convenient, but they do not have mass. They do not have the same power a physical book has to continuously transmit information via the senses of sight, touch, hearing (e.g., the sound of pages turning, and even smell). In other words, the paperback sitting on your shelf will continue to communicate and influence you even after you\'ve read it! (And, it's also much easier to share with others!)

"The Tao of Wow" is not just a title. It's a reminder of a strategy for creating the life of your dreams. It's an affirmation ("I follow the Tao of Wow," "I know my wow factor," "I practice the art of Wow") that you'll hear every time you see its unique cover on your bookshelf.

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