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I just read an article:
After Admitting Mistake, AstraZeneca Faces Difficult Questions About Its Vaccine

It reminded me of an article last week in USA Today titled: We’re Celebrating Thanksgiving Amid A Pandemic. Here’s How We Did It In 1918 – And What Happened Next.

The problem [in 1918]? Researchers didn’t know influenza was a virus.

“The vaccine that was made was a vaccine against (a bacteria), which they thought was the cause of influenza,” Markel said. “So not only were vaccines of this era crude and not all that effective, the vaccine that they did produce was for the wrong organism.”

Vaccine science was nowhere near the scientifically advanced level of 2020, said Markel… The study of virology was in its infancy, and researchers didn’t have the tools to see viruses. Though bacteria are much larger and can be viewed under a light microscope, viruses require an electron microscope, which had not been invented in 1918, Markel said.

The vaccines that researchers developed did not stop an impending third wave of the flu.

“It is the height of hubris and the pinnacle of naivete to think that the same species of human–those who brought you the 1918 vaccine; the Tuskegee syphilis experiment on humans without their knowledge or consent; pharmaceutical drugs that are recalled, toxic and contaminated, rife with side effects and known to cause cancer; those who sell substandard medicine and products to “developing” nations; those who accept bribes to look the other way as they approve pharmaceutical drugs known to be poisonous; those who caused and profited from the opioid crisis; those who sell tainted formula to infants–[it is folly to think that they] know more, care more, are more ethical, more empathic, less motivated by money or less prone to making mistakes just as they did in 1918.”–The Ageless Adept


p.s. FYI: Quantas Airlines reportedly will require proof of vaccination in order to fly.

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