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Thepandemicpreneur chronicles: a step-by-step, day-to-day account of how I conceived of, created, completed and published The Pandemicpreneur: How to start or CONTINE making money doing what you love, create multiple income streams, remotely, from home…even during a pandemic!


DONE- 5:00am Microbe Formula Zoom workshop
One of the companies from which I order anti-parasite supplements has a weekly Q&A zoom workshop. I was up before 4:00am anyway, so I tuned in!

DONE- submit thepandemicpreneur url to google
This will allow to show up in google searches

DONE- redirect
Changed the domain settings so that redirects to

DONE- add mention of Red Pill, MGTOW in Masculinity2.0 description
A hot topic on Youtube these days is the “Red Pill” concept and the MGTOW movement within the male-female dating scene in (primarily) western countries. In watching some of these videos, I realized that my book, Masculinity 2.0, actually touches on some of the same topics, so I decided to add those terms to the website description so that my site might show up in searches in 2020 and beyond.

DONE- modified my entries on
While checking on some of the past articles I’ve written for other blogs, I realized that there were some articles on the website that have been incorrectly attributed to me. I contacted the webmaster a few days ago and he replied with a userid and password with which I can make the necessary corrections. So, over the next few days, I’ll be modifying the approx 200 articles I wrote on that platform! The work never ends!

DONE- re-install Mautic 3.1.0
Most of the day, however, has been spent waiting for 12,000+ files to upload so I could re-install the latest version of the Mautic contact management software (3.1) to see if the glitches I came across in earlier versions have been fixed.

DONE- ran some errands around town (food shopping, getting gas, checking mailbox)

CORRECTION: The “Sun Chasin’ Success” podcast I mentioned in the previous update mentions the host by name. That name (correctly spelled) is BAYO OLORUNTO, a former mainland US resident who escaped from America to live in Brazil! Again, check out Bayo’s podcast episodes at or on iTunes, Spotify and wherever you get your podcasts!

Didn’t get around to all the items on today’s list:
– create video reply to Cassandra’s question
– update profile
– edit Lorrin’s Guam video ( to post to my google listing
– find The Social Dilemma documentary

FINALLY: In case you’re wondering “how’s the book coming along?”
Even though I haven’t actually written any content for The Pandemicpreneur in a few days, this time of contemplation is just as important. Think of it as a “gestation” period. Every time I look at the website, or at the book cover, or at the task list, or even if I simply think about the book in its physical (and digital) forms, it evolves a little more–imperceptibly perhaps, but it does.

I’m also listening carefully for clues from the universe that help the book write itself. For example, after I did the interview with Bayo for the “Sun Chasin’ Success” podcast–during which I mentioned upcoming projects–he made a great suggestion of a chapter I might wish to include in the finished product. Of course, I added the suggestion to my ongoing task list, and that simple act will have an effect on the end product.

See you next time!


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