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MONDAY, SEPT 14, 2020
Today I:
• tweaked the website: i.e. modified the language, enlarged the “pre-order now” link, all to make the overall message a bit more compelling.

• started outlining a “Pandemicpreneur Master Checklist” of everything one should do to lay a foundation, launch, promote and profit from doing business in this new paradigm

• BOOK CONTENT: started a draft of the first of three teaser chapter excerpts that I’ll use to pique interest. In the process, I came up with a partial list of questions that the book will answer. You can see those questions on the revised homepage at

I also worked on some items that, while not directly related to the book, will help with the overall brand marketing once the book is published.

• setting up an email program that will be able to send scheduled emails to subscribers

• updated my Google Business Listing for (added t-shirts and books to the products section) If you do a Google search for “saipan tour guide” or “discoversaipan,” you’ll hopefully see the business listing on the side of the screen like so:

Here is some feedback on the previous Pandemicpreneur Chronicles email

D.R. said: “I like the way you have your book set up with only 6 pages in the preview yet you’re accepting pre-sales. Have you got any yet? I like how you created a website and projected the date when the book will be ready. I need to do that as well. Thanks for this inside look at your process!”

MY REPLY:  Yep! In the words of singer James Taylor, “That’s why I’m here!”  The projected date isn’t written in stone, but it gives me an incentive to finish–especially if people actually pay for it and are expecting it!

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