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Pandemicpreneur Chronicles #1: Sept 13, 2020
Hi writers, passionpreneurs, hip hop entrepreneurs, nomadpreneurs and employees turned home-based service sellers!
At about 5:00am on Tuesday morning of this week, I came up with a new idea: The working title is: The Pandemicpreneur: How to CONTINUE Making Money Doing What You Love, generate multiple income streams, remotely, from home…Even During a Pandemic!
–a collection of the many strategies and tips people are employing to make the transition necessary to surviving in this new paradigm!
What I’d like to do over the next few weeks is share with you what I do each day to bring the idea to completion! I hope this can provide YOU with some guidance or motivation to do the same for any project you’re working on! Therefore, to catch up to today (Sunday), I’ll share my week’s task list.
CAME UP WITH IDEA: 6:12am Tuesday, Sept 8, 2020
DONE- reserve
DONE- find image(s) on 123rf for book cover
DONE- create website banner (1922 x 750)
DONE- create facebook page banner (820×360)  = 1640 x 720
DONE- create icon/avatar/watermark 200 x 200
DONE- create twitter banner (1500 x 500)
DONE10:45am Tuesday, Sept 8, 2020- launched website
Wednesday, Sept 9, 2020
DONE- design book cover
DONE- create preview pdf
DONE- add tracker code
DONE- modify masterconfig.php
Thursday, Sept 10, 2020
DONE- secure
– add dollar sign or money symbol to icon
Saturday, Sept 12, 2020
– why I wrote this book
– who this book is for
– what this book will offer you
Sunday, Sept 13, 2020
DONE- register site with
DONE- redesign book cover
DONE- post to instagram
DONE- post to twitter
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Stay tuned for the next update!
p.s. As a bit of trivia. Once the idea came to me on the Monday of the week, I rushed to the internet to reserve the PANDEMICPRENEUR.COM domain, but aaaaaargh, someone beat me to it by about 30 days! No matter! The universe is perfect. I was still able to secure all the social media custom usernames. I “cried” over it for a day, then woke up on Tuesday and reserved, and, which will be the actual title of the book, so all is well! Who knows? The current owner of the original domain I wanted may decide not to use it, and I may  be able to purchase it at a later date! (It still hurts, since I own
VAGABONDPRENEUR.COM and would have liked to add it to my collection!)

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