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THE PANDEMICPRENEUR CHRONICLES: Here’s what I did on the date below in the never-ending saga of writing my new book! For more about the book, and to sign up for blog post alerts and book launch announcement, visit”
“DONE” = task completed on the day it was thought of
“done” = previous day’s task completed today

FRIDAY, SEPT 25, 2020
DONE- four-mile run on the beach (Health)

DONE- respond to Beth at library
The technical services librarian at Saipan’s library notified me that one of my Saipan-specific books, Chicken Feathers & Garlic Skin, is now available for lending as an ebook. (I responded and told her she’s welcome to offer any of my other books as well.) Ahh, life in the age of Corona! 

DONE- update more posts on blog

DONE- test alternate sendmail program for
Have to make sure the Passionpreneur Purpose Finder™ Test on the website functions correctly and sends the test results to the client

DONE- fix for Latika’s site
My deputized and certified PassionProfit™ coach in India, has a version of the same test on her site. Have to make sure the PERL coding works correctly.

DONE- post Pandemic Chronicles update #7

done- chlorella enema #2 (Health)

done- modify pandemicpreneur twig.html files (Mautic)

done- modify jamaicaninchina twig.html files (Mautic)

– test all mautic campaigns by joining each one (Mautic)
Have to make sure Mautic’s cron job function works for each email course I’m creating

– schedule Ageless Adept email course emails for Tuesdays (Mautic)

– schedule Hip Hop Entrepreneur email course emails for Wednesdays (Mautic)

– schedule Writers’ Course emails for Saturdays (Mautic)

– how to set mautic emails for contact’s time zone (Mautic)

– Edgar Cayce castor oil wrap (Health)

– check Google Search Console for mobile useability issues (Websites)
I’ve been getting some email alerts from Google Search Console informing me that some of my sites may need some tweaking in order to be more user-friendly for smart phone users

done- configure to add contacts to new Mautic campaign (Mautic)

done- see what happens if someone already in campaign joins again (Mautic)

– contact AWS to reactivate account (Mautic)
Have to get my Amazon Web Service account back up and running. I’m currently using my web host’s server to send the Mautic emails, but I need to have a back up option.

– change template for pandemicpreneur chronicles email 1 and email 2; add unsub and view page link

done- add list of identities to each mautic template and to media kit

Superman had ONE earthly identity. I have TEN…..and counting.



Have to make sure that all the Mautic outgoing email signatures list all of my author/coach identities in order to do some cross-promoting from one mailing list to another:
“Sir Walt the Reggae DJ”
“Passion Prophet”
“Ageless Adept”
“Wow Master”
“Hip Hop Entrepreneur
“Jamaican on Saipan”
“Jamaican in China…and beyond”
“Nomadpreneur,” and
“Pandemicpreneur at large”

Of course, I’m not listing EVERYTHING I do! I am, in fact, making lists, visualizing what the book will look like, tweaking the website, preparing my one-meal-per-day,

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