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DONE- add itest takers to Mautic Passion Masterlist
site visitors who took the Passionpreneur Purpose Finder test and opted in need to be added to my PassionProfit mailing list

DONE- add WooCommerce customers to appropriate mailing list
Until I configure the cart to do this automatically, customers who made a purchase on my a store called W need to be manually added to the appropriate mailing list

Ongoing Projects
DONE- 1. write a new Pandemicpreneur blog post (Website)

DONE- 2. post to Pandemicpreneur Blog & add to mautic sequence & promote to facebook,

DONE- 3. add Life Rhyme to e-collection sequence (Mautic)

DONE- 4. update jamaicaninchina posts (200 in all) on (Linkback marketing)

– 5. add impressum to all 83 facebook pages (Facebook marketing)

– 6. add episode to Ageless Adept e-conversation sequence (Mautic)

DONE- 7. add episode to PassionProfit™ e-course sequence (Mautic)

– 8. add episode to BestofSaipan™ e-chronicles sequence (Mautic)

– 9. add episode to HistoryWeWrite™ e-conversation sequence (Mautic)

– 10. add episode to JamaicaninChina™ e-chronicles sequence (Mautic)

– 11. add episode to SaipanWriters™ & GuamWriters™ Writers e-course sequence (Mautic)

DONE- add pandemicpreneur logo to passion-logo-gallery

DONE- epsom salt; measuring spoons; avocado

1:30pm Last meal (Bodily Survival)
I feel like it’s time for an extended water-only fast! I typically have one meal a day, Today, I had that at 1:30pm (toasted Mestemacher bread + tofurky + vegennaise sprinkled with a little Spirulina) and made a decision to make it my last meal for a few days. I’ll let you know how that goes…Why do I do this? Check out


DONE- add pandemicpreneur3dcover.jpg to Mautic outgoing email template (Mautic)

– get to grab facebook page followers and likers (Administrative)

– email passionprofit list and give everyone the option of signing up to campaign (Email marketing)

– mention organic carrots at Joeten to Ageless101 group (Public Service to fellow vegans on Saipan)

– order Kraken microphone per Bayo (Business tools)

– find Free online Kindle conversion tool (Research for book)

– post to Better Belief System FB for new members (Facebook Marketing)
Not sure how they heard about it, but I got a significant number of new followers to my In Search of a Better Belief System email. I should post something to that page to give them a brief introduction to Walt’s World

– find more Greg Warren comedy (Entertainment)
My personal preference for stand-up comedy are comedians who do not curse. Fortunately, I found the Dry Bar Comedy Channel on Youtube! Greg Warren is a new favorite.

– check if there’s a foreign fee for CapitalOne debit card charges (Administrative)

– Search for Microbe Formulas coffee enema broadcast April 29 #96 (Bodily Survival)

– write reimagining-universities passionprofit email (Mautic)
This will be for the PassionProfit™ e-course

– (Entertainment)

– continue input of product descriptions in W Store
Need to add this to ongoing projects

[end for now!]

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