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Yesterday’s You: How to Reverse Aging (Out of Print)

Out of Print. You can find all this information within the pages of A Clean Cell Never Dies. Available here.


Personally, I liked the title. I liked the concept and thought it captured the essence of recapturing an earlier version of one’s self in terms of vitality and metabolism. If I recall correctly, someone already owned the YESTERDAYSYOU.COM domain, so I was thrilled when they let it go and I was able to grab it! However, at some point, I think someone pointed out that the title was “backward looking” rather than “forward looking,” and I had to agree. So, I let go of the concept and migrated the information to A Clean Cell Never Dies.  So now, the title is retired, the book is no more, but I’ve held on to the domain!

DETAILS: The bulk of this information has been included in A Clean Cell Never Dies

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