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I turned my passion into profit, and now I make money doing what I love. I escaped the New York rat race, and now I live on a tropical island in the Pacific. I live a natural life in an unnatural world, and now I maintain health and vitality of an age way below my years. Oh, and I’ve written over two dozen books with all my secrets! Click “Let Me In” to join the journey!

“I share what I know, so that others may grow!”

Hi! My name is Walt Goodridge. Here I am in my escape destination enjoying one of the island’s most exciting vistas: Forbidden Island. It’s a place I take tour clients, friends and visitors. My transformation from frustrated New York City civil engineer to passionpreneur then nomadpreneur to being “Jamaican in Asia” represents a journey I began with a decision to pursue my passion. I turned that passion into profit, escaped the New York rat race, ran off to this tropical island, where I endeavor to live a natural, vegan life in this increasingly unnatural world. During that transformation, I recognized and embraced my personal life mission to share what I know, so that others may grow! Join me and I’ll share how to:

My purpose is to use my communication skills, attention to detail and creativity to offer products, services as well as my own life as an example to help people think critically, communicate effectively, raise the bar for their standards, set goals based on those standards, find the courage and discipline to pursue those goals to realization by exceeding expectations, dispelling stereotypes, and escaping societal limitations as well as the world’s arbitrary boundaries. In other words, “I share what I know so that others may grow!” AND “I share what I’ve done as a proven test-run!”

Turn your passion into profit

Everything I’ve done, discovered and developed when it comes to turning passion into profit is offered in my role as the “Passion Prophet” in my PassionProfit™ Philosophy and Formula, workshops, videos, coaching and books (includingTurn Your Passion Into Profit as well as The Tao of Wow). Take the FREE “Purpose-Finder” Personality Test!!

Escape limiting borders & boundaries

The strategies and tactics of my execution and experience escaping the borders and boundaries of my former life are included in the Jamaican In Asia™ series which includes the books, Living True To Your Self and How to Become a Nomadpreneur. You can also see it in action on the Jamaican in Asia Youtube channel and blog. Take the FREE Escape Readiness Test!!

Live an ageless, dis-ease free life

Finally, neither the freedom to make money doing what I love nor the freedom to roam mean anything without the freedom afforded by good health. My personal prime directive has been to live as naturally as possible in my effort to maintain perfect health, long life and my own fountain of youth. The feedback I’ve gotten from friends, family and followers is that I must be doing something right! I’ve compiled, created and chronicled my survival decisions (practices, protocols and products) in my Ageless Adept™ series with books like A Clean Cell Never Dies, Fit to Breed, and The Man Who Lived Forever. Take the FREE Longevity Test!!

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Want More? Here’s a story:

It’s time to make your passion profit!

The three-hour workshop on the third floor of the DNA Building on the island of Guam just ended. Participant approached the presenter and declared, “If I knew it was this easy, I would have done it years ago!

Walt F.J. Goodridge a.ka., the Passion Prophet, just presented a variation of his “Turn Your Passion Into Profit” workshops, titled “Turn Your Passion Into Profit…As a Writer.”

A Columbia University graduate with a B.S. in civil engineering, Walt spent seven years as an Associate Civil Engineer with the Port Authority of New York & New Jersey, but all the while he harbored dreams of pursuing his true passion after realizing early on that civil engineering was definitely not it!

When the frustration of being at a job he hated become too much, he took the bold step of quitting his “good job with benefits” without any safety net or savings and chose to become a full-time “passionpreneur.”

“Some people prioritize security over freedom, and that’s okay,” he maintains. “However, there are those of us for whom freedom is the prime directive, who realize we won’t ever raise their standard of living working a nine-to-five job and want to take the leap to being our own boss. But, it’s not for everyone,” Walt warns. “Especially when just starting out. Most of us, like me, are trained to be employees. I had to unlearn all I was taught and ended up being evicted three different times while making the transition.”

Fortunately, Walt eventually got the hang of it, amassed a wealth of knowledge about what it takes to be self-sufficient turning one’s passion into profit, and wrote several books in an effort fulfill his personal life’s mission to “share what I know, so that others may grow” and guide others with similar dreams and goals. The result is his PassionProfit֭ Philosophy and Formula with the flagship publication Turn Your Passion Into Profit (available on Amazon).

According to Walt’s philosophy, “Everyone has a passion. Every passion has value. You CAN make money doing what you love!” His his method helps people “profitize” their passions.

If this sounds like a journey you’d like to take, then it might be time to make your passion profit!

p.s. But wait, there’s more to the story!
Ultimately, Walt escaped the New York rat race to live on Saipan, Commonwealth of the Northern Mariana Islands (CNMI), a tropical island in the Pacific (and a 30-minute flight from Guam) where you can find him living out his minimalist, vegan, nomadpreneur lifestyle doing workshops for future escapees in the region.

Want Even More? Here’s another story:

“The Adept’s Journey”

“Do you know what’s in that sandwich you’re eating?” my friend Ken asked. We were sitting in a Subway restaurant in downtown Brooklyn and I looked down at the ham sandwich on the tray.
Embarrassingly for me, I did not know. I had no idea. What bothered me most was that it was a simple question any sensible person should know the answer to.

That simple question put me on a quest to find answers, which led to me taking control of and mastering my health, which led to me becoming vegan and ultimately seeking to cure ailments naturally and maintain my youth and vitality.

In the process, I’ve tried just about every natural product and protocol out there; colonics, cleanses, detoxes, therapies and ultimately extended water fasting. Basically, I’ve been conducting an experiment on myself in the pursuit of perfect health, long life and my own fountain of youth.

The good news is, from the feedback I get from friends, family, strangers, romantic partners–and college buddies who’ve run into me years later, and say I look younger NOW than when I was in college–I must be doing a few things right. The even better news is, I’ve documented and chronicled it all for others to benefit from if they choose.

An adept is someone who is skilled or proficient at something. I believe it is possible to become your own authority and become skilled at maintaining your health–without pharmaceuticals, radiation or other unnatural substances–maintain health, heal illness and slow the sands of time. I believe you can become an adept at agelessness with the right information and path to follow.

Consequently, my Ageless Adept Philosophy & Formula begins with the preamble:

“Perfect health, long life and eternal youth are not the random, genetic blessings of a chaotic or capricious universe, but natural birthrights that can be accessed through the mindful acceptance of simple truths, activated by the disciplined practice of proven activities, and sustained by advancement along a known path. This is that path.”
I’ve “discovered” and proven to myself that: Nature is perfect. The body is coded to heal. The body requires “real food.” I am my own authority. A clean cell never dies. The basis of all real cure is sunlight, water, earth, air and time.

If any of that sounds correct or piques your intest, then take another step on YOUR journey to adept.

Okay, One More:

Prioritize Freedom!”

“Just because you were born within the arbitrary lines that define a culture, society or the worldview and expectations of others does not mean you are suited for, best served by or obligated to seek your bliss within those lines.” –Walt Goodridge, the Jamaican in Asia

“Sometimes you just don’t feel like you fit in where you were born,” Walt asserts. “As an immigrant to the states as a child, I never felt at home in the U.S. So, when, thanks to a friend’s glowing review of his travels abroad, the opportunity came to escape to the other side of the world, I took it. I had already created a lifestyle that afforded me the flexibility to generate location-free income, so I bought my ticket, focussed on the Asia-Pacific region, and became a nomadpreneur!”

I’ve been Jamaican in Saipan, China, Singapore, Laos, Thailand, Vietnam, Cambodia, Hong Kong, Macau, and my list is only beginning!

In fulfilling my life purpose to “share what I know, so that others may grow,” I share my escape strategies as well as the resulting adventures in the Jamaican in Asia֭™ books, blog, channel and coaching. I’ve inspired and helped a few people lay the foundation for their escape and some have actually taken the leap.
There’s a process:
• Prioritize Freedom.
• Identify your options.
• Escape towards your ideal.
• Find your tribe. (Even if you’re as out of place as a Jamaican in Asia!)
That includes the practical aspects of setting up income streams, quitting the job, choosing and scouting your ideal destination, securing visas, getting your passport, making pre-arrival contacts as well as the psychological and emotional challenges of overcoming fear of the unknown, dealing with societal resistance and more!

Sometimes your “tribe” (i.e., the culture, society, worldview and expectations with which you resonate), is not the one into which you were born. If that sounds like you–or if you simply wish to have the flexibility of having both mobility AND money, then take a journey of escape with me!