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Are You Ready to Escape? Take the Test! Find Out!

Tired of the rat race? Has western society outlived its appeal? Are you ready to roll? jet? exit stage left? get out of Dodge? kick rocks and "escape from America?" (a euphemism for fleeing westernized society in general) If so, the question is: Are you REALLY ready? How prepared are you? How successful will you be as an expat?
Take the test and get a score for your readiness, along with ideas, tips and suggestions for a smoother escape!

Have you already escaped? Then take a survey: The Escape-O-Matic" Expat Happiness Exit Survey (COMING SOON)!!

Answer all thirty (30) questions, then press submit for your Escape Readiness Score!

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1. Country from which you're launching your escape:

2. Are you citizen of that country? (choose best option)
 Yes. I am a citizen
 Permanent Resident
 Other non-citizen status

3. Gender:

4. Age range:
 Under 20

5. Family and Relationship Status:
 Single. Never married.
 Divorced w/or/wout children
 The whole family is escaping

6. Education(highest level completed):
 Home schooled
 No formal education
 Elementary school
 High school

7. Current Employment Status:
 Full-time employee
 Part-time employee
 Not employed
 Living off savings or inheritance

8. Current Industry:
 Business, consultancy or management
 Accountancy, banking or finance
 Charity and voluntary work
 Creative arts or design
 Energy and utilities
 Engineering or manufacturing
 Environment or agriculture
 Hospitality or events
 Computing or IT
 Law enforcement and security
 Leisure, sport or tourism
 Marketing, advertising or PR
 Media or digital
 Property or construction
 Public services or administration
 Recruitment or Human Resources
 Science or pharmaceuticals
 Social care
 Teacher training or education
 Transport or logistics

Know Thyself!

9. Why (or what or whom) do you wish to escape?? (Check all that apply)
 Cost of living
 Lack of opportunity

10. I am a(an)....(check one from each pair or group)
 Rule follower, or
 Rule breaker

From Myers Briggs Personality Test
 (I)ntrovert, or

 i(N)tuitive, or

 (T)hinker, or

 (P)erceiver, or

TRAVEL ATTITUDE: "When it comes to travel and/or the unexpected,
 "I want what I paid for and as planned!!," or
  "Hey, it's all good...I'm easy going. It's all part of the adventure!"

From the Michael Teachings...
 Old soul, or
 Mature soul, or
 Young soul

11. Have you lived for any length of time OUTSIDE of your native country?


12. Why (or for whom or for what) are you on a quest? (Check all that apply)
 Cost of living

13. Do you have a specific country, continent or region in mind?

14. Have you scouted out your ideal destination?
 More than once

15. Is there an official language other than your native language that the majority speak?
 No, same language
 Yes, and I speak (am learning) it

16. What appeals to you most about your ideal destination?(Sorry, you can only choose ONE!)
 People (men/women)
 One particular man/woman
 Family values
 Cost of living

17. What would be your TOP TWO "Deal Breakers?" (You may only choose TWO(2)!)
 People (unfriendly, insane...)
 Weather (too hot, too cold, typhoons / hurricanes)
 Lack of opportunity
 Food (no access to familiar food)
 Politics (too left; too right; too corrupt)
 Standard of Living (too poor; too wealthy;)


18. Do you have a passport (with at least 6 months of validity)?

19. Will you need a visa for entry?
 Not sure
 Yes, and I've got it!

20. Do you have a means of generating income while in your new location? (Check all that apply)
 Business opportunity
 Passive Income
 Nomadpreneur (Location-free) Income
 Retirement/Pension income
 Living off savings
 Other (No need to share what it is. It's YOUR business!)

21. Do you know personally or have you consulted with anyone who has executed a similar escape?

22. Travel Buddy?

23. Have you made any contacts in your intended destination?

24. Do you have a place to stay while you settle in (hotel, AirBNB, private residence)?

25. If applicable, have you learned the basics of the language? You don't need to be fluent, but it helps to know basic phrases like 'Where is the toilet', ' How much is water', 'I need help' etc.)
 Not applicable

26. If applicable, have you located or made contact with a community or individuals who share your religion?
 Not applicable

27. If applicable, have you located sources of special dietary supplements, medical products, therapies or treatments? or can you get them online?
 Not applicable

28. Do you have an Emergency Plan? (Most of the world is safe, but you never know when something can happen. Do you know how to get help? where the local authorities are? the Embassy? Emergency assistance?)

29. Do you have a Loss & Replacement Plan or List?
• Passport
• Wallet w/id & cards
• Laptop/device
• List of Software (I have a list of favorite software incl. installed version, download site...)

30. Do you have an "Escape plan?" What will you do if this does not work out as planned in this country?
 Move on to another destination

Is there anything you'd like to ask about this quiz, or share about yourself or about this test? Include your name/contact if you wish a response.

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