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@PassionProphet The Passion Prophet’s Channel!

Everyone has a passion
All passions have value.
You CAN make money doing what you love!

To help you turn your passion into profit, visit the @passionprophet channel to download Ducks in a Row: How to find the courage to finally QUIT your soul draining, life-sapping, energy-depleting, freedom-robbing job now… before it’s too late…and live passionately ever after

@JamaicaninAsia Jamaican in Asia Channel! (previously Jamaican in China)

Experience life beyond borders!

Visit the @jamaicaninasia channel to download my six-month adventure in China, Singapore, Laos and Beyond. It was a few years ago, but still relevant today! It’s titled Guess Who’s Coming to Dim Sum!

@discoverSaipan Discover this tropical getaway through the eyes of the Jamaican on Saipan! It might just be the place YOU want to escape to visit, retire or once you turn your passion into profit! Visit the @discoversaipan channel now!

@agelessadept Discover the Ageless Adept within!

Perfect health.
Long life.
The Fountain of Youth!

Visit the @agelessadept channel and download The SWEAT Manifesto. It’s your FREE introduction to the Ageless Adept’s philosophy for achieving your health goals without pharmaceuticals, drugs, chemicals, etc. (See “About” section)