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Walt’s Workshops & Zoom Presentations!


Stay up to date with workshops and Zoom seminars from The Passion Prophet, The Ageless Adept and the Jamaican on Saipan!

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The next event will be posted here! Meanwhile:

“Write Like Walt” Writing & Publishing Workshop (IN-PERSON)

• The one (and only) thing preventing you from succeeding!
• How to start, stay motivated & finish!
• Defeating writer’s block (fiction and non-fiction!)
• Best/worst times to write (a day in the life of an author)
• Preparing your manuscript for publication
• Copyright & legal basics 101
• Sell your book, before you write a single word!
• Selling without a website!
• Earning additional income as a writer
• Publish your memoir without losing friends!
• Writing under an assumed name…

30+ books & audio products: View all

486 Life Rhyme poems I’ve written: View all

200+ articles I’ve written for the Saipan Tribune & Marianas Variety: View all

And, at any given moment during this pandemic, I might be writing, recording, filming or updating content for my

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Jamaican in China

The Ageless Adept

5 Youtube channels (agelessadept) (dishonestconversation)

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or working on a new idea for
book projects, GoFundMe Projects, cooking demonstrations!



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