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Fasting Coaching with Walt, The Ageless Adept


I advise only on what I’ve personally done: my longest fast was 40 days. We can work together to set some realistic goals, customize your motivation & manage expectations for your extended water fast!

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Fasting is Nature’s first cure! An extended water-only, no-food fast over several consecutive days is the best, simplest, most natural, and most thorough way to activate your “healing code” and effect real healing as only your own body can offer. It takes a certain amount of courage and discipline to do it!  Sometimes as well, you find that you simply want guidance, tips, advice or encouragement from someone who has actually done it! That’s where I may be able to help.

I never recommend anything–be it business strategy or health advice–unless I’ve actually done it myself! Over the years, I’ve completed extended water-only, no-food fasts of various durations (7 days, 15 days, 21 days, with the longest being 40 consecutive days!)  If you’d like to pick my brains to get an idea of what you might experience on your fasting journey, we can get together via Zoom, set some realistic goals, customize your motivation & manage expectations and create a successful outcome for your fast!


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