Author, speaker, health coach, passionpreneur, nomadpreneur and “The Jamaican on Saipan!”

“I share what I know,

so that others may grow!”


“How I followed my passion, quit my job, escaped the rat race and ran off to a tropical island in the Pacific!”

It’s true! You can now find me on the island of Saipan living the minimalist, vegan, passionpreneur, nomadpreneur life of my dreams, but it wasn’t always like this. I was once a frustrated civil engineer working in New York City in the World Trade Center…Here’s how I escaped…


Yes, you too can turn your passion into profit!

Everyone has a passion. Every passion has value. You can make money doing what you love! As the “Passion Prophet,” I’ve turned what I’ve learned about the passion to profit process into a philosophy and formula in books, coaching and workshops that are helping others experience the freedom, function and fun that life offers!

Walt, next to my Bible, your book, Turn Your Passion Into Profit is the book I reference the most in my house! It is the only other book that is constantly visible (it's on the dining room table right now!).”

—Karon Mason Etienne, Maryland, USA


Brands & Books!

In the process of pursuing my passions, I’ve launched several brands each with a unique website, and/or products designed to help others who share the same passions, interests or hobbies. Whether you’re a HipHopEntrepreneur™, Nomadpreneur™, lover of inspirational LifeRhymes™, a SaipanWriter™, GuamWriter or interested in SaipanLiving™ or simply love to attend FreeSummerConcerts™, I’ve created a dedicated site for each one!


From the Ageless Adept.

One of my other passions is mastering the quest for perfect health, long life and the fountain of youth, and sharing what I know with others who are interested in my “secret” identity as “The Ageless Adept!” Books include A Clean Cell Never Dies, Fit to Breed, The S.W.E.A.T. Manifesto, and my most popular re-issue, Fast & Grow Young!

“Walt, our health talks have really opened my eyes to the truth about what's inside the "food" I eat. I have stopped eating chicken nuggets ever since I now know what they're made of. Wow! The things you said made a lot of sense and I am trying to slowly but surely ease my way into healthier eating habits. Just earlier, I even bought a bag of those organic tortilla chips you introduced me to (instead of the msg-laced ones) and they really do taste good. You are a great advocate for healthier eating and I know more people would live longer if we followed the diet habits you preach!”

— Ronald M., Macau


Walt's Life Rhymes

From its initial run (1997-2006) each and every Friday morning for nine years, “Walt’s Friday Inspirations” (featuring a new “life rhyme”) each week, was one of the longest-runnning email newsletters on the internet with over 20,000 subscribers. Life rhymes are what the still small voice within you would sound like if it shared its wisdom with you in rhyme! Use the search box below and enter any inspiring term (“love” “relationship” “career”) and discover what message the universe has for you!


Interviews & Media

Here’s a collection of my interviews on TV news broadcasts, radio and blogtalkradio podcasts and even appearances in documentaries (plus features, reviews and interviews in magazines, newspapers and books by other authors)—speaking on everything from corporate cubicle confinement, escape nomadic, travel, effective writing and my footage of extreme weather while living on Saipan!

As a self-employed Passionpreneur myself who makes a living doing what I love, I can testify that Walt's strategies are spot on and work in the real world. His "Passion into Profit" ebook is absolutely amazing and an absolute must have for anyone desiring to make a living doing what they love and living freely. It is very well written and the kind of book that changes lives. I consider it so essential and important, in fact, that I decided to list it on my home page and ebook store to help others.

— Winston Wu, Passionpreneur and founder of HappierAbroad.com


Coaching & Workshops

The best way to learn is by doing. I often offer one-on-one coaching to select individuals and also offer workshops as a way of helping others master the process of turning passion into profit, changing their diets, fasting or escaping the rat race!

Blogs and….

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Walt’s Escape from America

This short blog chronicles the week before my escape from America, plus my first few weeks on the paradise island of Saipan! The full story with more photos are in the book, Jamaican on Saipan, available on Amazon! Once upon a time…



Jamaican in China

Can a single, Jamaican, minimalist, vegan, author and nomadpreneur escape the rat race, reinvent his life, live true to himself, find love, happiness, organic food, but more importantly, an apartment with a kitchen, sunshine and a wi-fi connection in China and beyond without paying the ultimate price….the foreigner’s price? Find out!



The Ageless Adept

Healthy living. Rejuvenation. Longevity. Veganism. Detoxing. Fasting support. It’s all here at the Ageless Adept website. Videos, podcasts, free downloads, coaching support and more for readers of the books in the Ageless Adept™ series! Take a step on the path!

…Youtube channels

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The Passion Prophet™ Youtube channel features workshops, tips and more to help turn your passion into profit. It also features the Saipan Living™ playlist of scenes from my life on this tropical island.



"Ask a Vegan" from AgelessAdept™

Cooking demos, links to other trusted authorities like Charlotte Gerson, Gary Null and others….it’s even got a few songs by secret motivational speaker turned pop star, Kale Karnegie! Never heard of him??? What a shame!




Features videos by folks who who’ve already taken my tours, plus my own history and culture-related shorts to round out the tour experience! Discover the history and mystery of Saipan!

What people are saying:

Winston Wu

Winston Wu


"Walt is an inspiring and unique person with a gift for helping and empowering others. He is authentic, evolved and the kind of rare person that once you meet, you think: "I had better learn as much as I can from this dynamic and gifted person." He has inspired me, given me valuable advice, and coached me in my internet marketing strategies. I also consider him a good friend as well (which says a lot because I am very picky about who I am friends with). As a self-employed Passionpreneur myself who makes a living doing what I love, I can testify that Walt's strategies are spot on and work in the real world. His "Passion into Profit" ebook is absolutely amazing and an absolute must have for anyone desiring to make a living doing what they love and living freely. It is very well written and the kind of book that changes lives. I consider it so essential and important, in fact, that I decided to list it on my home page and ebook store to help others."—Winston Wu, Passionpreneur and Founder of HappierAbroad.com, a successful thriving Global Dating and Living website and community



“I’m finally living my dream…”

Thank you so much for writing Turn Your Passion into Profit. Like you said, you're never really happy until you're pursuing your passion. So I want you to know that I stepped out on faith, quit my job and wrote the novel I always wanted to write. Now I'm on tour all over the country and I'm finally living my dream. I am very proud of me and you should be too!"—Hallema, author of Mass Deception

Jim Meck

Jim Meck

“It just makes sense…”

“I thought this book was going to be another "practical" guide to setting up a business - just instructions for the non-business person in regards to getting started, organizing an office, raising capital, etc. Wow! It is so much more than any book like that could ever hope to be. Mr. Goodridge surprised me with a look into the true foundations of profiting from your passion. So many of us hear negative noise about pursuing "non-traditional" careers. If you are able to open your mind and consider Walt's philosophy, it just makes sense. I discovered a new outlook on spirituality that I never really thought about and while there is no religious association in the ideas presented here, instead of conflicting with beliefs I hold, it actually confirms them in a way I did not expect. This book gets to the heart of finding your passion, allowing yourself to pursue it, and how to best turn it into profit. It is so well written and easy to understand, yet packed with so much information and guidance, it will change your outlook and your life."--Jim Meck, from the Amazon.com site

What the industry says…

“The Wall Street Journal, Entrepreneur Magazine, Source, Billboard, Time, Black Enterprise, Essence, Ebony, South Africa's SArie Magazine as well as many others have featured Walt's information, insights and instruction. His books have been used as texts for university courses. His knowledge has been sought by documentarians and researchers. His thoughts and ideas have been quoted in books by Guerrilla Marketing guru Jay Conrad Levinson, music industry pioneer Chuck D, and other business authors world wide. “


…and I do tours, too!

Once I escaped the New York rat race to live on Saipan, and after I had written a few books about the islands, people the world over started requesting World War II tours and relocation advice. How could I say no?

I’ve created a Saipan tour app (as well as one for Tinian) available on the Google Play Store!

Visit a company called W on the PlayStore

Visit a company called W on the PlayStore

“My 15 year old son and I toured Saipan with Walt in March 2019. I was impressed with Walt from the first emails we exchanged about setting up the tour. He was incredibly responsive, informative, and focused on understanding our interests so he could tailor the tour to us.

”Walt met us at the Saipan airport and confirmed our goals for the day. He made a special effort to understand my son's objectives for the tour. Walt was a friendly, well-informed and tireless leader, taking us to more than 20 sites in the course of the day. There is no way we could've seen half of the sites in the same amount of time if we'd toured on our own. Two things made Walt's tour particularly valuable. He arranged a few private meetings with Saipan residents who shared unique aspects of Saipan and military history which were real high points of the tour and gave us insights into the place far beyond what we could've discovered on our own. Second, Walt brings a unique perspective of someone who has lived elsewhere and now made his home in Saipan. He loves Saipan but can also talk objectively about the island based on his broad experience.

”Walt is also available for tours to Tinian. We did not engage him for that but he generously shared his insights about Tinian and walked us through an itinerary that we could follow. Having spent the day with him on Saipan, I know now we could've had a much richer experience of Tinian if he had guided us there as well.

”I'm usually skeptical of individual tour guides, but I can't recommend Walt highly enough for travelers of any age who want to understand the history and culture of the Marianas.”

— D.M., Los Angeles, CA, USA (Tripadvisor)