“Where do you get your cool outfits?”

For those who’ve asked!

You can get these on Amazon in a variety of colors! Click below:

I got a few of these on eBay a few years ago. This exact style (Item # 310705102238) is no longer available, but if you search for “Men’s Renaissance Shirt Pirate Medieval Viking Top Cotton Linen Shirts Men Long,” you might find something similar.

(Next to B-29 Homing Tower stands on Tinian) These shirts are also on Amazon! Two options:

I got these shirts ($5USD each) at the Night Market in Siem Reap, Cambodia. If you want to see the actual vendor girls I bought them from, check out this video:

I got this at an African clothing shop on 125th Street in Harlem, New York many, many, many years ago! It stands out when I wear it on Saipan!

Shirt from Cambodia. The original white pants of a thicker material were purchased in Thailand. However, I’ve had to find reasonable fascimiles for those original pants on Amazon!

Oh! And by the way, all jeans by Old Navy! Slim Built-In-Flex Jeans for Men (7522890023232; Medium Wash) & Slim Built-In-Flex Jeans for Men (2200630123232; Rinse)