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Trumpty Dumpty promised a wall
Trumpty Dumpty did nothing at all
All of his crowing and all of his lies
couldn’t derail his November surprise

Trumpty Dumpty knew Covid was real
but lied to us all with a con artist’s zeal
Despite his assurance it would all disappear
at burying dead we are now without peer

Trumpty Dumpty birther supreme
tried to belittle Obama’s esteem
Obama served twice, but the vote doth confirm
Trumpty fell short of his own second term

Trumpty Dumpty empathy-free
Couldn’t care less about you and me
From heroes to vets and to kiddies in cages
all grist for the mill for the grift of the ages

Trumpty Dumpty man with a scam
paid little in taxes to old Uncle Sam
Now district attorneys and creditors too
are all lining up for comeuppance is due

Trumpty Dumpty trickster in chief
had a great fall to much global relief
[Despite interference by forces abroad
Inane allegations about voter fraud
the process held firm and was simply not flawed]
Now all the king’s horsemen and all the king’s men
can’t stop this nightmare from reaching its end

COMING SOON: Kilmer and Other Classics for Trump fans
“I think that I shall never see
Person, woman, man, camera, tv…”

by F.J. Sharp
INSPIRED BY David Lewis’ comment here:

David posted
Trumpty Dumpty wanted a Wall;
Trumpty Dumpty did nothing at all.
All of his bluster and all of his lies
Couldn’t buy Trumpty Dumpty a bag of McFries.

Years ago, I created the beginnings of my ownTrumpty Dumpty idea, but never completed it. So, when I saw David’s comment, I was inspired to revisit the concept. So I modified and expanded on his!


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