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As I move into DAY 3 of my current extended, water-only fast, I’m chronicling some of the thoughts I use to keep myself on track. Here, therefore, are some of my self-talk motivation:

▪ “The colon lining can’t heal optimally until it’s clean. As long as there is still residue and gunk and impacted feces in the colon, it can’t really heal. Once the water from the colonic (or salt water wash) is clear, then I know the healing has begun!”

▪ “Don’t stop until you see the whites of the eyes! I’m working on cleansing the liver. Yellow eyes are often a symptom of liver toxicity. I’ve at least got to see this through long enough to allow the liver to purge and rejuvenate.”

▪ “The food will still be there tomorrow! (And it will taste even better!”)

▪ “Any novice can fast for 24 hours–even by accident! Sometimes, if you’re really into a project, or if you’re on a long trip, you can find that 24 hours can go by rather quickly. A day fast is for sissies! If you really want to stand out from the crowd, you’ve got to do at least 48 hours!”

▪ IN or OUT? You decide. Choose the one that most describes you:

“I know myself. If I stay inside, I’ll get bored and restless and start opening up cabinets and refrigerator doors looking for something eat. I’d better get out of the house! I can run a few miles, hang out in a park or on the beach, or drive around. It’ll help pass the time!” Therefore, GET OUT!!


“I know myself. Once I go outside or get in the car, I’ll end up passing something that triggers my food craving, or stopping somewhere where there’s food for sale. I’d better stay at home where I can’t get into any trouble!” Therefore, STAY IN!!!

▪ “Now that I’ve noticed some progress after the liver flush, or a deep enema release, now is the precise time to sleep on it and let the body’s healing code work on it overnight–that’s when healing happens. I can do this, just a few more hours until bedtime!”


“Hold on for the healing!” It’s still too early for any real healing to happen. I’ve got to “wait for the wow,” or else it will all be for naught. That wow usually happens after a good night’s sleep when eyes open and I notice something significantly different about my bodily experience–either vital energy, eyesight clarity, feeling of wellbeing or something markedly different from the days before.


Not feeling hungry anymore. I need to do this until at least Phase II (p (per “Stages of Fasting“) er “Stages of Fasting“) is complete.

Hey, if I count NIGHTS slept instead of when each 24 hour period officially ends, I come with Wed,Thu,Fri,Sat,Sun–that’s FIVE days instead of four! Woo hoo! Mental gymnasics, for sure, but it helps! After all, it’s during the nights that the true healing takes place!


Having frequent but small watery bowel releases. Interesting. As researched, documented and predicted in  (“Stages of Fasting“) , this stage I’m in–Stage 2: 3-7 days–is when the colon starts to release impacted fecal matter. I speculate that’s exactly what’s happening, but in this case, the worms are being autolyzed and liquified (that accounts for the strong die-off smell). Have to push through and get beyond this! Can’t stop now! This is why I’m doing this!

Plus, there are people counting on me. I’ve got to show that it can be done. I’ve got to be the example. I can’t write the book, Worm War, if I don’t win the war!

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