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DONE- four-mile run on the beach from Sugar Dock to SunLeader and back…twice!)
Who knows, I may run a marathon one day!








DONE- create welcome email for all mautic sequences (Mautic)
DONE-Life Rhymes
DONE- SaipanGuamWriters
DONE- Pandemicpreneur

DONE- Tempura with zucchini and broccoli (Bodily Survival)
Trying out something new; cooked in coconut oil

– record first video with OBS Studio (Youtube videos)

DONE- add link to blog from (Blog)

– get agelessadept SSL padlock to show green (Website)

– do Goggins’ 45-minute workout (Health)
Let me know if you can keep up with this!

– make sure sequenced emails added after one day are still sent to subscriber (Mautic)

DONE- subscribe to Life Rhymes Classics Campaign (Mautic)
Have to test the Mautic campaign to be certain it functions correctly

DONE- add join option to waltgoodridge blog (Mautic)

DONE- modify join option to agelessadept site (Mautic)

DONE- post entry to Pandemicpreneur Blog (Blog)

– tag and categorize blog entries so that link can be used to search pandemic (Blog)

DONE- blog categories: ageless adept, hip hop entrepreneur, PassionProfit, The Pandemicpreneur (Blog)

done- remove ads from site

DONE- add value statement to passionprofit template (Mautic)

– are the Mautic emaIls sent based on contacts time zone? (Mautic)
Have to do some research on some Mautic forums to confirm

DONE- reverse display order (Blog)

DONE- add anchor link (Blog)

– find best rebounder/trampoline (Bodily health)

DONE- cancel 2nd Facebook/pandemicpreneur page (Facebook)

As you can see, I’m spending a lot of time tweaking the autoresponder/cron job campaigns for subsribers to my mailing lists.

I still managed to flesh out more of the Table of Contents as well as some new chapter ideas for The Pandemicpreneur book!

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