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Here’s what I did today in the ongoing process of creating the new book, The Pandemicpreneur, along with some explanations for some of the more cryptic task list items.


TUESDAY, SEPT 22, 2020

Ongoing projects include (a) updating my posts on site, (b) creating the multitude of sequenced emails for the Mautic cron jobs. However, I also found time to do the following:

DONE- find screen capture/recording software
Decided on OBS Studio

– compare hosting cost to Siteground’s
Eventually, I may write an article recommending Siteground for hosting, so I’ll need to compare the costs for each

DONE- search my past articles for mautic emails
I’ll be using some book excerpts and previous articles in the PassionProfit™ email course

– add new signature to each Mautic template email.html.twig and page.html.twig

– add “subscribe | email courses” to dotcom-content.php
Have to drive people to sign up to the mailing list, so I have to put these links on each of my 52 websites

DONE- add to signature section of outgoing emails
Also need to make people aware of the 86 facebook pages I’ve created, so I’ll put this in the signature section of all the Mautic outgoing emails

DONE- add “Subscribe for more” to passionprofit-resources-content.php

done- find or create youtube.gif for mautic templates (Mautic template)

DONE- add pandemicpreneur to

DONE- remove the word “MASTER” from segment names in Mautic (Mautic template)

– add “You can also sign up to email courses here” to thanks-for-subscribing-content.php
Once people sign up for a mailing list, the landing page will prompt them to sign up for one or more of the many email courses I’m creating with the Mautic cron job feature

– add guamwriters to

*DONE- download and install OBS Studio (
This will allow me to create step-by-step Youtube videos like “How to Publish Your Book on KDP” in which I film my laptop screen while I demonstrate the process.

DONE- outlined a chapter on Pandemicpreneur “Zero Dollar Operations” Model
Yes, I actually wrote some content for the Pandemicpreneur book! This is a chapter on how most of my operating expenses are as close to zero as possible!

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