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The Turn Your Passion Into Profit Workbook

[OUT OF PRINT] The last remaining PassionProfit Workbook sits shrinkwrapped on a shelf (see Youtube videos). The excercises are included in the paperback ed


When I released the first edition of Turn Your Passion Into Profit, it was before the days of “print on demand” publishing, during a time when I had to print a minimum of 1,000 copies in order to make it economically viable. At that time, I had the grand idea of providing a workbook supplement to help people complete the exercises to discover their passion(s)! However, as things evolved, I realized it made more sense to simply include the “Discovery Excercises” INSIDE the book and that would make printing it on demand much less expensive and easier to ship. Ultimately, I redesigned the cover and went in the new direction!

Now out of print, I have only one copy of that workbook left…still in the original shrink wrap as seen in the photo!

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