The Big Book of American Racism (GoFundMe campaign! Book Coming Soon!)


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To fund the research, transcription, design, printing and publication of the The Big Book of American Racism, a 20″ x 20″ over-sized table-top book for educational institutions and home reference.

49174524_1593420375708961_r.jpeg“Every home should have one!”

Too big to ignore!
Too big to forget!

To provide a resource and reference for Whites (and any others who feel inclined) who wish to be informed allies in this national movement of “mainstream society” to understand and honestly discuss its history.

For over 400 years, [White] America has avoided having an honest conversation about race.  How? Through the use of tactics and strategies as detailed in A Dishonest Conversation About Race: An Introduction to White Blindness, Racism by Default and the Vocabulary of Bias in America. ( Download a preview of Dishonest Conversation  )

This avoidance has also been due to ignorance. It is likely that the majority of White Americans have no idea just how insidious the savagery is that they have perpetrated against people of color right here in America.  It is a topic that is simply not talked about in White families, and is certainly not addressed truthfully in the textbooks through which they receive their education.

The Big Book of American Racism hopes to change that in a very straightforward and hopefully effective way: By making the topic too big to avoid.  Measuring 14 x 2.8 x 16.2 inches and 300 pages, the “picnic size” edition of The Big Book of American Racism cannot be ignored.

This scrapbook of sorts includes summaries of over 200 topics that are often overlooked or deliberately avoided in the press and in history books. Topics that chronicle the cruelty and sadism committed by “mainstream” America on non-White communities. Each topic is presented as a succinct, one-page summary with references and “further reading” suggestions and covers topics from genocide to Jim Crow, lynchings to legislation, internment camps to human experimentation, race riots to residential security maps–episodes in American history and government-sanctioned practices all designed to maintain white supremacy. View sample page

With your help, this book is destined to grace the desks of educational institutions, libraries, and homes, and stand as a “too big to ignore” reminder providing a researched and verifiable historical context for why the protests, destruction of statues, and decisions by corporations to modify their products and business practices are happening, and why they are necessary.

Your contribution in ANY amount is a vote of support of this tool for an honest, necessary conversation.. A project of this magnitude requires a group effort. Funds will be used for the following:

1.  To compensate project and research assistants.

2. To transcribe and design  the manuscript.  (Assistants will be those unemployed during this time of stay-at-home orders.)

3. To pay for the initial printing of 1,000 copies of this out-the-box sized book (We will need more than $10,000 to accomplish this; $10,000 is our stage 1 goal.)

The initial research is already being done! We have set a publication date of one-year from now. However, we hope that we will be able to generate enough support to publish well before then.

The Big Book of American Racism is part of the History We Write series of projects. As the organizer of this project, I actually wish to remain anonymous if I can. I will tell you that I am a U.S. resident, former civil engineer and currently the author of over 20 books on various topics including health, entrepreneurship and business, travel and biographies. I would be more than happy to communicate with you if you would like more information. You can email me using the contact information for this campaign.


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