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As I move into DAY 4 of my extended water-only fast, I’ve been doing a lot of website design work, some tweaks of social media pages and tieing up some other miscellaneous loose ends.At the same time, I’m starting to add more substantial content to The Pandemicpreneur as well as other books and projects I’m working on at the same time.

DONE- 1. write a new Pandemicpreneur blog post (Website)

DONE- 2. post to Pandemicpreneur Blog (2) & add to mautic sequence & promote to facebook,

DONE- 3. add Life Rhyme to e-collection sequence (Mautic)

DONE- 4. update jamaicaninchina posts (2) (200 in all) on (Linkback marketing)

DONE- 5. add impressum (4) to all 83 facebook pages (Facebook marketing)

– 6. add episode to Ageless Adept e-conversation sequence (Mautic)

– 7. add episode to PassionProfit™ e-course sequence (Mautic)

– 8. add episode to BestofSaipan™ e-chronicles sequence (Mautic)

– 9. add episode to HistoryWeWrite™ e-conversation sequence (Mautic)

– 10. add episode to JamaicaninChina™ e-chronicles sequence (Mautic)

– 11. add episode to SaipanWriters™ & GuamWriters™ Writers e-course sequence (Mautic)

– 12. add descriptions to products in (Website)

– 13. input receipts for 2018

– add Facebook privacy mention to

– add terms & conditions to

done- post question to stackoverflow

DONE- add release gallstones to Restore & Release Chart

N/A- make banners in mautic templates clickable

done- best way to hydrate the body and cells

done- update all profile/about info on each Facebook page

– order microphone per Bayo

DONE- watch Andreas Moritz video
I’ve already ordered his book, The Amazing Live & Gallbladder Flush, now I’m watching a few of his videos on Youtube

done- change facebook profile photo


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