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FRIDAY, OCT 2, 2020

DONE- Day 2 of my extended water fast;
I share the thoughts that get me through it in a new blog category called “Think & Fast Long. (Who knows? I may create a CD or app of my motivational words for fasters!) In the meantime, check out the blog posts at

DONE- 1. write a new Pandemicpreneur blog post (Website)

DONE- 2. post to Pandemicpreneur Blog & add to mautic sequence & promote to facebook,

DONE- 3. add Life Rhyme to e-collection sequence (Mautic)

DONE- 4. update jamaicaninchina posts (200) on (Linkback marketing)

DONE- 5. add impressum to all non-fsc facebook pages (Facebook marketing)
– 6. add episode to Ageless Adept e-conversation sequence (Mautic)
– 7. add episode to PassionProfit™ e-course sequence (Mautic)

DONE- 8. add episode to BestofSaipan™ e-chronicles sequence (Mautic)
– 9. add episode to HistoryWeWrite™ e-conversation sequence (Mautic)
– 10. add episode to JamaicaninChina™ e-chronicles sequence (Mautic)
– 11. add episode to SaipanWriters™ & GuamWriters™ Writers e-course sequence (Mautic)

done- read grant requirements
Don’t tell anyone…it’s top secret, but I’m applying for a grant. Part of the reason is to recommend and explain this strategy as part of The Pandemicpreneur book. Since I never recommend anything I’ve not personally tried or experienced, I need to do this research to stay true to my brand and promise. I’ll share more if and when!

DONE- search how to post to multiple Facebook pages
With 84 Facebook pages to manage, I decided look once again into an efficient way to post these blog entries to multiple pages in one easy step. There’ve been many WordPress plug-ins that have accomplished this, but updates to Facebook’s system have rendered most of them ineffective.

– find free alternative for Explaindio

– re-apply for Facebook API permission
I’m creating an in-house PERL program to grab the number of followers on each of my Facebook pages and return a total. This requires obtaining “permission” from Facebook to access the info on their pages. I applied, but was denied since I didn’t provide a specific bit of information in the application. Have to re-apply.

DONE- create historywewrite3dcovers.jpg
For my HistoryWeWrite site and mailing list

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