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DONE- 5:00am Liver Health Zoom workshop (Bodily Survival, Research)
Every Wed morning at 5:00am ChST, I join in to a health workshop hosted by one of the developers of an anti-parasite herb I take as part of my own personal research/experimentation for the upcoming books, Worm War I & II at Check it out and download an infographic that will help you determine if YOU have parasites. Many do and mistake the symptoms as “normal” or “aging.”

DONE- create multiple book 3d image for AgelessAdept template (Mautic)

DONE- create multiple book 3d image for BestofSaipan template (Mautic)
Using GIMP–a free open source software that’s essentially Photoshop for free–and a free graphic I got from Covervault  (I used I created a few 3d-versions of my book covers to use in my mautic outgoing e-course emails as well as any other marketing.


Here’s the free Covervault template


Then, with a little importing, perspective stretching and duplication…











Here’s what I created for the AgelessAdept™ series of products with GIMP:












Here’s what I created for the BestofSaipan™ series of products

And YOU can do the same! I’ll definitely do a Youtube video showing how to do this for your own books and products! Subscribe to the PassionProfit Youtube chanel and click the alert bell so you’ll be notified when I do!

– create multiple book 3d image for Hip Hop Entrepreneur template (Mautic)
Have to do the same for my HipHopEntrepreneur™ series of books

DONE- add Geopopup to thanks-for-subscribing page (International Marketing)
If you visit my thanks for subscribing page, you should see a section that asks you if you know anyone from a particular country. That country is based on your ip address. I creaed a perl program that grabs your IP address, then accesses a database to determine what country you’re in, then displays a customized message encouraging you to tell others in [your country] about my site!

DONE- upload new ip address lookup database for geopopup to reference (International Marketing)
This is the database I referenced above. The last time I used it for country-specific marketing was back in 2013, so I have to get a 2020 version of the database from here.

DONE- DAY 1 of fast (Bodily Survival, Research)
As of 1:30pm, I’ve completed the first 24 hours of my extended water-only fast.

DONE- Zoom meeting with CREES re: Spirulina 2:30pm (Bodily Survival)
Had a meeting with CREES (Cooperative Research, Extension, and Education Service) here on Saipan to discuss growing Spirulina at home! I’ll keep you posted

– share
In updating my old Jamaican in China™ blog posts, I came across my multi-day battle of wits with an invading rat! Did I win??





– set up itest on (Websites)
Have to migrate my Integrated Life Test to the new passionprofit site

DONE- fix geopopup in (International Marketing)
Now that the geopup is working again, I need to tweak it for pages that had referenced it in the past

– add t-shirt image to bestofsaipan3dcovers.jpg

DONE- Ageless Adept
DONE- PassionProfit
DONE- BestofSaipan
DONE- HistoryWeWrite
DONE- JamaicaninChina™
DONE- SaipanGuam Writers
DONE- Pandemicpreneur
DONE- Life Rhymes
DONE- WaltGoodridge
DONE- FreeSummerConcerts
DONE- HipHopEntrepreneur

[end for now!]

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