TUESDAY, SEPT 29, 2020

DONE- respond to Bayo

DONE- price Kraken microphone $49.95
Bayo Olorunto, of the Sunchasinsuccess.com podcast, suggested I look into a different headset/microphone in order to improve the sound quality when we do future interviews


DONE- make kimchee (Bodily Survival)
Yep, I make my own kimchee (see video)! Gotta keep the gut microbiome replenished and proliferating!






DONE- post pandemicpreneur-chronicles-10

– transfer ______________ domain (Administrative)
Need to start the process of transfering on of my domains from GoDaddy (too expensive) to my current registrat

Ongoing projects
DONE- 2. post to Pandemicpreneur Blog & add to mautic sequence & promote to facebook, et.al.
DONE- 3. add Life Rhyme to e-collection sequence (Mautic)
DONE- 4. update jamaicaninchina posts (200) on blogs.jamaicans.com (Linkback marketing)
– 5. add impressum to all 83 facebook pages (Facebook marketing)
– 6. add episode to Ageless Adept e-conversation sequence (Mautic)
– 7. add episode to PassionProfit™ e-course sequence (Mautic)
– 8. add episode to BestofSaipan™ e-chronicles sequence (Mautic)
– 9. add episode to HistoryWeWrite™ e-conversation sequence (Mautic)
– 10. add episode to JamaicaninChina™ e-chronicles sequence (Mautic)
– 11. add episode to SaipanWriters™ and GuamWriters™ e-course sequence (Mautic)
As you can see, I don’t always get around to adding episodes to the automated e-courses. Fortunately, I’ve already got a few episodes already programmed into each course, so anyone who signs up will not be deprived!

DONE- promote Bayo’s podcast https://open.spotify.com/episode/3XQ2nC445l7DYfMrhiNBGb (Linkback)
Sun Chasin’ Success™ has launched the first episode in the expert interview series featuring….wait for it..me! So, time to start promoting it!

DONE- mention https://www.sunchasinsuccess.com/episodes/14-walt-fj-goodridge-the-passion-prophet-shows-us-how-to-profit-as-pandemic-preneurs to writers groups

– “Gregg braden mentioned it in his missing links series on Gaia TV.”
Winston Wu, of Happier Abroad, mentioned an episode of a show featuring a Chinese man who is reportedly over two centuries old! Sounds like a fun watch! If true, he’ll be a great candidate for a profile in my Adept Ageless Adept ™ series! Have to search for it!

DONE- garlic enema (Health)