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DONE- update posts on
This ongoing task to update 200 posts on the site continues. Just a little bit each day!

DONE- add Life Rhyme to Mautic Sequence (Mautic)
I’m working on 7 different email “courses” for subscribers to my mailing lists. Each email is sent out to a subscriber typically once per week. Once I’m done, I will have created a series of 52 emails that a subscriber will receive after joining a specific mailing list

DONE- add another email to Ageless Adept Mautic sequence (Mautic)
See above

DONE- add email to PandemicProfit Mautic sequence (Mautic)
See above

DONE- post to Pandemicpreneur Blog & add to mautic sequence & promote to facebook,
This post you are reading is added to the Pandemicpreneur Chronicles email course for future subscribers

DONE- find WordPress plug-in to boost SEO (SEO)
While updating my posts on Xavier Murphy’s site, I noticed there’s a WordPress plug-in for helping bloggers boost their SEO (Search Engine Optimization) ranking. I’ll do a search online to find a good one I can use for my own blogs

DONE- install Yoast SEO on jamaicaninchina, and agelessadept (Marketing)
My research yielded “YOAST” as a good option for SEO-boosting plug-in for WordPress

– add email to PassionProfit Mautic sequence (Mautic)

– add email to BestofSaipan Mautic sequence (Mautic)

– add email to HistoryWeWrite Mautic sequence (Mautic)

– add email to JamaicaninChina™ Mautic sequence (Mautic)

– add email to SaipanGuam Writers Mautic sequence (Mautic)

– more organic carrots at Joeten Supermarket
Yep, the local supermarket is carrying organic carrots! Woo hoo!

done- add Pandemic Chronicles #7 to mautic campaign (Mautic)

– send DCA takedown notices to ebook download sites (Administration)
Every now and then, my Google Alert notifies me that an authorized copy of one of my books has been uploaded to a “free download” site, and is thus in violation of copyright laws and infringing on my copyright. There’s a process that authors can use to get such bootlegged copies removed. You submit a “DMCA Takedown Notice” (Digital Millennium Copyright Act) to the offending site, and by law, at least in theory, they are required to remove the copy from their website. I noticed such an infringement on one of my books, but haven’t gotten around to submitting the notice. Why am I not in a rush to do this? Well, it may seem counter-intuitive, but as I often explain in my Writer’s Workshops, sometimes the availability of a free digital edition actually increases sales of the physical edition.

– order from VitaminLife (Health)

– read up on sales funnels (Marketing)

– request “Page Public Metadata Access” for Facebook “Grab Followers” app (Administration)
I’m creating a special in-house app that helps me keep track of the total number of followers on my 86 Facebook pages. To make that happen, I need to get a special permission from the folks at Facebook.

– share
Discovered a new genre of music/sound/expression called ASMR (Autonomous Sensory Meridian Response). Have you heard about this? This link on is my introduction to this concept! Check out two who made me smile.

DONE- add blog link to (Website)
Visitors to site will now see a link to this blog

– add {unsubscribe_text} | {webview_text} to all templates (Mautic)

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