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THE PANDEMICPRENEUR CHRONICLES: Here’s what I did on this date in the never-ending saga of writing my new book! For more about the book, and to sign up for blog post alerts and book launch announcement, visit”
“DONE” = task completed on the day it was thought of
“done” = previous day’s task completed today

DONE- add bolder social media links to master-footer.php for all sites (Websites)
If you check the bottom of (and all my other sites), you’ll see that the links to the various social media platforms (Youtube, Facebook, Twitter, etc.) are all now bigger and bolder to make them more prominent on all devices.

Here are a few fun tools for you to check how ANY website appears on multiple devices:




This is from

 *This one is my favorite for design purposes as it shows the devices side by side, with distinct black borders, and is scrollable

Also try:


DONE- 9:30am “How to Grow Spirulina at Home” zoom workshop (Health)
The Northern Marianas College-Cooperative Research Extension and Education Service (NMC-CREES; here on Saipan offered an intro course on how to grow your own spirulina. This micro-algae (along with chlorella and also malunggay) are high-nutrient powders I’ve included in my daily diet ever since becoming vegan 


DONE- set up to forward to store/blog (Website)

done- email my coaching estimate to ________ (Coaching)
Someone asked for my guidance for a book project

DONE- add post link to (Website)

done- add post #7 to mautic campaign

DONE- convert more blog posts (Marketing)

done- “Superman had ONE earthly identity. Walt Goodridge has TEN…and counting”
I had that idea for a quote to add to my marketing. I was able to use it in yesterday’s chronicles and my media kit.

– share (Health)
Need to share this webpage with my ageless101 Google group and the on the

DONE- add website to (Websites)
Added the new website to my master list of all 52 websites I manage

done- add jamaicaninchina campaign form to blog (Mautic)
Now that I’ve created the first two episodes in the Jamaican in China campaign, I can now add the form to the blog so folks can subscribe and relive my adventures in China, Singapore, Laos, Thailand, Vietnam, Macau and Hong Kong. Seems I (and many other folks) may not be traveling for a while, so this may be the next best thing!

NOTE TO SELF: One of the things I need to start doing in my outgoing emails and blog posts is to warn people (and pandemicpreneurs of all strupes) of the danger of relying too heavily on platforms like Facebook and Twitter as the sole means of communicating with followers. Email is still at the moment a reliable fallback (and should even be the “Plan A”). Think about it from a marketers point of view. Even though I may have 1,000 people who follow my page on Facebook, I am not guaranteed that ANY of them will see my posts in their feed. If I wish to increase the “people reached” statistic on Facebook, I have to pay money to “boost” the post. Email, on the other hand, typically gets through to those to whom I send it (unless it ends up in a spam folder, but even then, it’s still retrievable). The other thing to consider is “what happens in a scenario in which Mr. Zuckerberg and/or any of his cronies fall out of favor with public sentiment, and people decide to boycott or “cancel” a social media platform?” All your social media contacts, and the means to reach them are “owned” by the platform.

As I always say, “any plan (or strategy) that relies on the actions, generosity, whim or largess of a single individual or entity for its progress from point a to point b is FLAWED plan!”

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