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THE PANDEMICPRENEUR CHRONICLES: Here’s what I did on the date below in the never-ending saga of writing my new book! For more about the book, and to sign up for blog post alerts and book launch announcement, visit”
“DONE” = task completed on the day it was thought of
“done” = previous day’s task completed today

FRIDAY, SEPT 25, 2020
DONE- four-mile run on the beach (Health)

DONE- respond to Beth at library
The technical services librarian at Saipan’s library notified me that one of my Saipan-specific books, Chicken Feathers & Garlic Skin, is now available for lending as an ebook. (I responded and told her she’s welcome to offer any of my other books as well.) Ahh, life in the age of Corona! 

DONE- update more posts on blog

DONE- test alternate sendmail program for
Have to make sure the Passionpreneur Purpose Finder™ Test on the website functions correctly and sends the test results to the client

DONE- fix for Latika’s site
My deputized and certified PassionProfit™ coach in India, has a version of the same test on her site. Have to make sure the PERL coding works correctly.

DONE- post Pandemic Chronicles update #7

done- chlorella enema #2 (Health)

done- modify pandemicpreneur twig.html files (Mautic)

done- modify jamaicaninchina twig.html files (Mautic)

– test all mautic campaigns by joining each one (Mautic)
Have to make sure Mautic’s cron job function works for each email course I’m creating

– schedule Ageless Adept email course emails for Tuesdays (Mautic)

– schedule Hip Hop Entrepreneur email course emails for Wednesdays (Mautic)

– schedule Writers’ Course emails for Saturdays (Mautic)

– how to set mautic emails for contact’s time zone (Mautic)

– Edgar Cayce castor oil wrap (Health)

– check Google Search Console for mobile useability issues (Websites)
I’ve been getting some email alerts from Google Search Console informing me that some of my sites may need some tweaking in order to be more user-friendly for smart phone users

done- configure to add contacts to new Mautic campaign (Mautic)

done- see what happens if someone already in campaign joins again (Mautic)

– contact AWS to reactivate account (Mautic)
Have to get my Amazon Web Service account back up and running. I’m currently using my web host’s server to send the Mautic emails, but I need to have a back up option.

– change template for pandemicpreneur chronicles email 1 and email 2; add unsub and view page link

done- add list of identities to each mautic template and to media kit

Superman had ONE earthly identity. I have TEN…..and counting.



Have to make sure that all the Mautic outgoing email signatures list all of my author/coach identities in order to do some cross-promoting from one mailing list to another:
“Sir Walt the Reggae DJ”
“Passion Prophet”
“Ageless Adept”
“Wow Master”
“Hip Hop Entrepreneur
“Jamaican on Saipan”
“Jamaican in China…and beyond”
“Nomadpreneur,” and
“Pandemicpreneur at large”

Of course, I’m not listing EVERYTHING I do! I am, in fact, making lists, visualizing what the book will look like, tweaking the website, preparing my one-meal-per-day,

Here’s what I did today in the never-ending saga of writing a new book!
For more about the book, and to sign up for blog post alerts and launch announcement, visit
DONE” = task completed on the day it was thought of
done” = previous day’s task completed today,

DONE- set up Sequence email #1 for all Mautic campaigns (Mautic)

DONE- Publish all Mautic campaigns (Mautic)

– reduce height of banner

DONE- send “Do you remember the time” email
With Mautic functioning correctly, I announce that folks can sign up to get the “classic” life rhymes sent to their inboxes every Friday! Sign up to the Life Rhymes CLASSICS RELOADED now…it’s FREE!

DONE- add og:image to join.php 1200 x 627
A little SEO tip: I added some Search Engine-specific code to the join page so that a specific image is displayed when I share this page on Facebook or other social media

DONE- start promoting SunChasinSuccess podcast teaser
NEWS! Passionpreneur, rat-race escapee and Brazil-based podcaster, Bayo Olorunto, has just released the first of five teasers from his Sun Chasin’ Success™ interview series! This 10-minute excerpt from our two-hour talk on everything under the sun for today’s pandemicpreneur is just a taste of what’s to come when the full episode is released worldwide on Sept 28, 2020 on iTunes, Spotify, RadioPublic, and wherever you get your podcasts! Check it out on Youtube and leave a comment: 

– MMS bath (Health)
Practicing what I preach in A Clean Cell Never Dies

DONE- Apple Juice (Health)

DONE- respond to Johnny re: co-author Lloyd

– search for open source email

– search for open source web hosting

– search for open source domain registration

done- chlorella enema (Health)


DONE- four-mile run on the beach from Sugar Dock to SunLeader and back…twice!)
Who knows, I may run a marathon one day!








DONE- create welcome email for all mautic sequences (Mautic)
DONE-Life Rhymes
DONE- SaipanGuamWriters
DONE- Pandemicpreneur

DONE- Tempura with zucchini and broccoli (Bodily Survival)
Trying out something new; cooked in coconut oil

– record first video with OBS Studio (Youtube videos)

DONE- add link to blog from (Blog)

– get agelessadept SSL padlock to show green (Website)

– do Goggins’ 45-minute workout (Health)
Let me know if you can keep up with this!

– make sure sequenced emails added after one day are still sent to subscriber (Mautic)

DONE- subscribe to Life Rhymes Classics Campaign (Mautic)
Have to test the Mautic campaign to be certain it functions correctly

DONE- add join option to waltgoodridge blog (Mautic)

DONE- modify join option to agelessadept site (Mautic)

DONE- post entry to Pandemicpreneur Blog (Blog)

– tag and categorize blog entries so that link can be used to search pandemic (Blog)

DONE- blog categories: ageless adept, hip hop entrepreneur, PassionProfit, The Pandemicpreneur (Blog)

done- remove ads from site

DONE- add value statement to passionprofit template (Mautic)

– are the Mautic emaIls sent based on contacts time zone? (Mautic)
Have to do some research on some Mautic forums to confirm

DONE- reverse display order (Blog)

DONE- add anchor link (Blog)

– find best rebounder/trampoline (Bodily health)

DONE- cancel 2nd Facebook/pandemicpreneur page (Facebook)

As you can see, I’m spending a lot of time tweaking the autoresponder/cron job campaigns for subsribers to my mailing lists.

I still managed to flesh out more of the Table of Contents as well as some new chapter ideas for The Pandemicpreneur book!…s-6-sept-22-2020/ ‎

Here’s what I did today in the ongoing process of creating the new book, The Pandemicpreneur, along with some explanations for some of the more cryptic task list items.


TUESDAY, SEPT 22, 2020

Ongoing projects include (a) updating my posts on site, (b) creating the multitude of sequenced emails for the Mautic cron jobs. However, I also found time to do the following:

DONE- find screen capture/recording software
Decided on OBS Studio

– compare hosting cost to Siteground’s
Eventually, I may write an article recommending Siteground for hosting, so I’ll need to compare the costs for each

DONE- search my past articles for mautic emails
I’ll be using some book excerpts and previous articles in the PassionProfit™ email course

– add new signature to each Mautic template email.html.twig and page.html.twig

– add “subscribe | email courses” to dotcom-content.php
Have to drive people to sign up to the mailing list, so I have to put these links on each of my 52 websites

DONE- add to signature section of outgoing emails
Also need to make people aware of the 86 facebook pages I’ve created, so I’ll put this in the signature section of all the Mautic outgoing emails

DONE- add “Subscribe for more” to passionprofit-resources-content.php

done- find or create youtube.gif for mautic templates (Mautic template)

DONE- add pandemicpreneur to

DONE- remove the word “MASTER” from segment names in Mautic (Mautic template)

– add “You can also sign up to email courses here” to thanks-for-subscribing-content.php
Once people sign up for a mailing list, the landing page will prompt them to sign up for one or more of the many email courses I’m creating with the Mautic cron job feature

– add guamwriters to

*DONE- download and install OBS Studio (
This will allow me to create step-by-step Youtube videos like “How to Publish Your Book on KDP” in which I film my laptop screen while I demonstrate the process.

DONE- outlined a chapter on Pandemicpreneur “Zero Dollar Operations” Model
Yes, I actually wrote some content for the Pandemicpreneur book! This is a chapter on how most of my operating expenses are as close to zero as possible!

I need to give you a quick update before I fall too far behind. (If you missed the previous installments of the ongoing chronicles of how I (will have) conceived, created and completed The Pandemicpreneur, visit the Saipan & Guam writers forum at and ask to join the group)

DATELINE: SAIPAN, CNMI: It’s Monday morning at 7:30am, and I just returned from running 4 miles, barefoot, on the beach, in the rain here on Saipan. Here’s how the weekend went:

DONE- udate 10 posts on the blog

DONE- set up siteground account based on this review

DONE- clean apartment for tomorrow’s 8:00am meeting

done- add mention of pandemicpreneur to Walt’s CV/media kit

DONE- set up for donations to my old school in Jamaica

DONE- set up Paypal pembroke hall donation button

DONE- upload Mautic 3.1 to SiteGround server

DONE!- get Mautic autoresponder to function correctly!

DONE- modify Skyline template for sending emails

As you can see above, on Saturday, I FINALLY got a specific feature of the Mautic software to function!! This is major! Here’s why:
Mautic is a contact management software program. Among other great features, it allows a pandemicpreneur like yourself to create and manage multiple subscriber email lists. Since I have 52 websites and about a dozen separate email lists, I need such a powerful software tool.


The power of Mautic–the feature I am most interested in–is the scheduling feature–often referred to as an “autoresponder.” In other words, a feature that allows you the ability to schedule a series of emails to be sent to a subscriber at predetermined intervals. Say, for example, someone joins the “How to Become a Pandemicpreneur” campaign mailing list at They’ll receive a “Welcome Email” 5 minutes after joining, then a “Step 1:…” email 2 days later, then a “Step 2:…” email 72 hours after that, and so on. I can achieve this scheduling through the power of a feature called a CRON JOB.

Before cron jobs, you could send emails to your list manually, or alternatively, you needed to have an “inciting incident” to activate a “send email” command in your contact management software. In other words, someone (you or a random visitor) would have to visit a site, or click a button, or open an email that included a code that activated a “send email” command in your server-side software.  That’s how I accomplished this in the past.

Nowadays, however, you can simply schedule that “send email” command into a cron job located on your hosting company’s server, go to sleep, walk away (or even escape the country) and voila! the clock on the server keeps track and activates the command without human intervention.  Mautic has that feature!

My website and Mautic software were previously hosted on a hosting company’s server that I now realize simply doesn’t have the features necessary to have Mautic’s cron jobs function optimally. So, I searched online for “best hosting for mautic” and discovered a great recommendation for SiteGround. (This isn’t an ad for SiteGround, but they do have an affiliate program, so if you wish to check it out and sign up, please use this link through which I’ll receive a commission:

I set up a basic Siteground account and pointed one of my 93 domains to the new account (this requires a little bit of DNS (Domain Name Server) knowledge and manipulation, but it’s not difficult. Siteground has instructions).

Then, I downloaded the latest version of Mautic (3.1; available at to my laptop, unzipped the file, then uploaded it to my Siteground account, and installed it. I followed the installation instructions at

and and also here: 

and, badabing badaboom (that’s Jerseyspeak for “voila”), IT WORKED! FINALLY!

So now, I’ve got a new situation. I’ve been using Mautic for over a year now, but have been putting off setting up the planned scheduled email campaigns for all of my lists. So, I spent most of Saturday and all of Sunday and plan to spend today (Monday) as well, catching up (planning, writing, uploading, scheduling) email campaigns for ALL of my mailing lists!

So, when I’m finished, when someone joins the, or, or or or mailing lists, they’ll receive a once-per-week email with tips, resources, interviews, updates and more to help them achieve their goals.

So while the creation of these cron jobs represents a slight distraction from writing content for The Pandemicpreneur book, this very email update you are reading will be modified and included in the “How to Set up a Global Mailing List as a Pandemicpreneur” chapter of the book, as well as in the associated scheduled email campaign for people who sign up to the Thepandemicpreneur mailing list (thanks to Mautic)!

Until next time, it’s back to the Cron Job mines!

Walt F.J. Goodridge
Originator of the Passionpreneur, HipHopEntrepreneur Nomadpreneur, and now Pandemicpreneur philosophies and formulas!

p.s. Don’t worry if some of the above information was a bit too technical for you. I’ll have more step-by-step details in an email course that you’ll be able to follow! Alternatively, until I create my own “how to” video of the process, you can search Youtube for “how to set up Mautic” for some great ones!

p.p.s. Remember, the universe is perfect! I need no convincing that this mautic-cron-job success, happening now, right at the outset of The Pandemicpreneur book project, is occurring for the express purpose of making the final product a bit better!

Thepandemicpreneur chronicles: a step-by-step, day-to-day account of how I conceived of, created, completed and published The Pandemicpreneur: How to start or CONTINE making money doing what you love, create multiple income streams, remotely, from home…even during a pandemic!


DONE- 5:00am Microbe Formula Zoom workshop
One of the companies from which I order anti-parasite supplements has a weekly Q&A zoom workshop. I was up before 4:00am anyway, so I tuned in!

DONE- submit thepandemicpreneur url to google
This will allow to show up in google searches

DONE- redirect
Changed the domain settings so that redirects to

DONE- add mention of Red Pill, MGTOW in Masculinity2.0 description
A hot topic on Youtube these days is the “Red Pill” concept and the MGTOW movement within the male-female dating scene in (primarily) western countries. In watching some of these videos, I realized that my book, Masculinity 2.0, actually touches on some of the same topics, so I decided to add those terms to the website description so that my site might show up in searches in 2020 and beyond.

DONE- modified my entries on
While checking on some of the past articles I’ve written for other blogs, I realized that there were some articles on the website that have been incorrectly attributed to me. I contacted the webmaster a few days ago and he replied with a userid and password with which I can make the necessary corrections. So, over the next few days, I’ll be modifying the approx 200 articles I wrote on that platform! The work never ends!

DONE- re-install Mautic 3.1.0
Most of the day, however, has been spent waiting for 12,000+ files to upload so I could re-install the latest version of the Mautic contact management software (3.1) to see if the glitches I came across in earlier versions have been fixed.

DONE- ran some errands around town (food shopping, getting gas, checking mailbox)

CORRECTION: The “Sun Chasin’ Success” podcast I mentioned in the previous update mentions the host by name. That name (correctly spelled) is BAYO OLORUNTO, a former mainland US resident who escaped from America to live in Brazil! Again, check out Bayo’s podcast episodes at or on iTunes, Spotify and wherever you get your podcasts!

Didn’t get around to all the items on today’s list:
– create video reply to Cassandra’s question
– update profile
– edit Lorrin’s Guam video ( to post to my google listing
– find The Social Dilemma documentary

FINALLY: In case you’re wondering “how’s the book coming along?”
Even though I haven’t actually written any content for The Pandemicpreneur in a few days, this time of contemplation is just as important. Think of it as a “gestation” period. Every time I look at the website, or at the book cover, or at the task list, or even if I simply think about the book in its physical (and digital) forms, it evolves a little more–imperceptibly perhaps, but it does.

I’m also listening carefully for clues from the universe that help the book write itself. For example, after I did the interview with Bayo for the “Sun Chasin’ Success” podcast–during which I mentioned upcoming projects–he made a great suggestion of a chapter I might wish to include in the finished product. Of course, I added the suggestion to my ongoing task list, and that simple act will have an effect on the end product.

See you next time!


Thepandemicpreneur chronicles: a step-by-step, day-to-day account of how I conceived of, created, completed and published The Pandemicpreneur: How to start or CONTINE making money doing what you love, create multiple income streams, remotely, from home…even during a pandemic!

DONE- Interview by Bayo in Brazil
At 6:00am ChST (Chamorro Standard Time) for two hours, I was being interviewed by Bayo Olorunto, the host of the Brazil-based “Sun Chasin’ Success” podcast. Bayo is launching a series of video/audio interviews on Sept 28 with about a dozen authors, speakers and thinkers. His interview with me will kick off the series.Listen and learn more at

DONE- work on Mautic
Spent most of the day configuring and coding php files and searching online forums (like to get the installation of the Mautic contact management software to function correctly on my server (see software at

DONE- complete Smashwords update
Completed the final conversions of about 12 of my books to be available on the platform. When YOUR book is released, be sure to make it available here as well. After Amazon, this is the next best source of sales. See profile at

– Didn’t create much content for The Pandemicpreneur, but the little tweaks to the language of the website sales copy are helping to organize my thoughts.

Stay tuned for more!


MONDAY, SEPT 14, 2020
Today I:
• tweaked the website: i.e. modified the language, enlarged the “pre-order now” link, all to make the overall message a bit more compelling.

• started outlining a “Pandemicpreneur Master Checklist” of everything one should do to lay a foundation, launch, promote and profit from doing business in this new paradigm

• BOOK CONTENT: started a draft of the first of three teaser chapter excerpts that I’ll use to pique interest. In the process, I came up with a partial list of questions that the book will answer. You can see those questions on the revised homepage at

I also worked on some items that, while not directly related to the book, will help with the overall brand marketing once the book is published.

• setting up an email program that will be able to send scheduled emails to subscribers

• updated my Google Business Listing for (added t-shirts and books to the products section) If you do a Google search for “saipan tour guide” or “discoversaipan,” you’ll hopefully see the business listing on the side of the screen like so:

Here is some feedback on the previous Pandemicpreneur Chronicles email

D.R. said: “I like the way you have your book set up with only 6 pages in the preview yet you’re accepting pre-sales. Have you got any yet? I like how you created a website and projected the date when the book will be ready. I need to do that as well. Thanks for this inside look at your process!”

MY REPLY:  Yep! In the words of singer James Taylor, “That’s why I’m here!”  The projected date isn’t written in stone, but it gives me an incentive to finish–especially if people actually pay for it and are expecting it!

Pandemicpreneur Chronicles #1: Sept 13, 2020
Hi writers, passionpreneurs, hip hop entrepreneurs, nomadpreneurs and employees turned home-based service sellers!
At about 5:00am on Tuesday morning of this week, I came up with a new idea: The working title is: The Pandemicpreneur: How to CONTINUE Making Money Doing What You Love, generate multiple income streams, remotely, from home…Even During a Pandemic!
–a collection of the many strategies and tips people are employing to make the transition necessary to surviving in this new paradigm!
What I’d like to do over the next few weeks is share with you what I do each day to bring the idea to completion! I hope this can provide YOU with some guidance or motivation to do the same for any project you’re working on! Therefore, to catch up to today (Sunday), I’ll share my week’s task list.
CAME UP WITH IDEA: 6:12am Tuesday, Sept 8, 2020
DONE- reserve
DONE- find image(s) on 123rf for book cover
DONE- create website banner (1922 x 750)
DONE- create facebook page banner (820×360)  = 1640 x 720
DONE- create icon/avatar/watermark 200 x 200
DONE- create twitter banner (1500 x 500)
DONE10:45am Tuesday, Sept 8, 2020- launched website
Wednesday, Sept 9, 2020
DONE- design book cover
DONE- create preview pdf
DONE- add tracker code
DONE- modify masterconfig.php
Thursday, Sept 10, 2020
DONE- secure
– add dollar sign or money symbol to icon
Saturday, Sept 12, 2020
– why I wrote this book
– who this book is for
– what this book will offer you
Sunday, Sept 13, 2020
DONE- register site with
DONE- redesign book cover
DONE- post to instagram
DONE- post to twitter
To keep up to date with the daily posts, follow me on any or all of these social media platforms:
Stay tuned for the next update!
p.s. As a bit of trivia. Once the idea came to me on the Monday of the week, I rushed to the internet to reserve the PANDEMICPRENEUR.COM domain, but aaaaaargh, someone beat me to it by about 30 days! No matter! The universe is perfect. I was still able to secure all the social media custom usernames. I “cried” over it for a day, then woke up on Tuesday and reserved, and, which will be the actual title of the book, so all is well! Who knows? The current owner of the original domain I wanted may decide not to use it, and I may  be able to purchase it at a later date! (It still hurts, since I own
VAGABONDPRENEUR.COM and would have liked to add it to my collection!)