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DONE- 5:00am Liver Health Zoom workshop (Bodily Survival, Research)
Every Wed morning at 5:00am ChST, I join in to a health workshop hosted by one of the developers of an anti-parasite herb I take as part of my own personal research/experimentation for the upcoming books, Worm War I & II at Check it out and download an infographic that will help you determine if YOU have parasites. Many do and mistake the symptoms as “normal” or “aging.”

DONE- create multiple book 3d image for AgelessAdept template (Mautic)

DONE- create multiple book 3d image for BestofSaipan template (Mautic)
Using GIMP–a free open source software that’s essentially Photoshop for free–and a free graphic I got from Covervault  (I used I created a few 3d-versions of my book covers to use in my mautic outgoing e-course emails as well as any other marketing.


Here’s the free Covervault template


Then, with a little importing, perspective stretching and duplication…











Here’s what I created for the AgelessAdept™ series of products with GIMP:












Here’s what I created for the BestofSaipan™ series of products

And YOU can do the same! I’ll definitely do a Youtube video showing how to do this for your own books and products! Subscribe to the PassionProfit Youtube chanel and click the alert bell so you’ll be notified when I do!

– create multiple book 3d image for Hip Hop Entrepreneur template (Mautic)
Have to do the same for my HipHopEntrepreneur™ series of books

DONE- add Geopopup to thanks-for-subscribing page (International Marketing)
If you visit my thanks for subscribing page, you should see a section that asks you if you know anyone from a particular country. That country is based on your ip address. I creaed a perl program that grabs your IP address, then accesses a database to determine what country you’re in, then displays a customized message encouraging you to tell others in [your country] about my site!

DONE- upload new ip address lookup database for geopopup to reference (International Marketing)
This is the database I referenced above. The last time I used it for country-specific marketing was back in 2013, so I have to get a 2020 version of the database from here.

DONE- DAY 1 of fast (Bodily Survival, Research)
As of 1:30pm, I’ve completed the first 24 hours of my extended water-only fast.

DONE- Zoom meeting with CREES re: Spirulina 2:30pm (Bodily Survival)
Had a meeting with CREES (Cooperative Research, Extension, and Education Service) here on Saipan to discuss growing Spirulina at home! I’ll keep you posted

– share
In updating my old Jamaican in China™ blog posts, I came across my multi-day battle of wits with an invading rat! Did I win??





– set up itest on (Websites)
Have to migrate my Integrated Life Test to the new passionprofit site

DONE- fix geopopup in (International Marketing)
Now that the geopup is working again, I need to tweak it for pages that had referenced it in the past

– add t-shirt image to bestofsaipan3dcovers.jpg

DONE- Ageless Adept
DONE- PassionProfit
DONE- BestofSaipan
DONE- HistoryWeWrite
DONE- JamaicaninChina™
DONE- SaipanGuam Writers
DONE- Pandemicpreneur
DONE- Life Rhymes
DONE- WaltGoodridge
DONE- FreeSummerConcerts
DONE- HipHopEntrepreneur

[end for now!]




DONE- add itest takers to Mautic Passion Masterlist
site visitors who took the Passionpreneur Purpose Finder test and opted in need to be added to my PassionProfit mailing list

DONE- add WooCommerce customers to appropriate mailing list
Until I configure the cart to do this automatically, customers who made a purchase on my a store called W need to be manually added to the appropriate mailing list

Ongoing Projects
DONE- 1. write a new Pandemicpreneur blog post (Website)

DONE- 2. post to Pandemicpreneur Blog & add to mautic sequence & promote to facebook,

DONE- 3. add Life Rhyme to e-collection sequence (Mautic)

DONE- 4. update jamaicaninchina posts (200 in all) on (Linkback marketing)

– 5. add impressum to all 83 facebook pages (Facebook marketing)

– 6. add episode to Ageless Adept e-conversation sequence (Mautic)

DONE- 7. add episode to PassionProfit™ e-course sequence (Mautic)

– 8. add episode to BestofSaipan™ e-chronicles sequence (Mautic)

– 9. add episode to HistoryWeWrite™ e-conversation sequence (Mautic)

– 10. add episode to JamaicaninChina™ e-chronicles sequence (Mautic)

– 11. add episode to SaipanWriters™ & GuamWriters™ Writers e-course sequence (Mautic)

DONE- add pandemicpreneur logo to passion-logo-gallery

DONE- epsom salt; measuring spoons; avocado

1:30pm Last meal (Bodily Survival)
I feel like it’s time for an extended water-only fast! I typically have one meal a day, Today, I had that at 1:30pm (toasted Mestemacher bread + tofurky + vegennaise sprinkled with a little Spirulina) and made a decision to make it my last meal for a few days. I’ll let you know how that goes…Why do I do this? Check out


DONE- add pandemicpreneur3dcover.jpg to Mautic outgoing email template (Mautic)

– get to grab facebook page followers and likers (Administrative)

– email passionprofit list and give everyone the option of signing up to campaign (Email marketing)

– mention organic carrots at Joeten to Ageless101 group (Public Service to fellow vegans on Saipan)

– order Kraken microphone per Bayo (Business tools)

– find Free online Kindle conversion tool (Research for book)

– post to Better Belief System FB for new members (Facebook Marketing)
Not sure how they heard about it, but I got a significant number of new followers to my In Search of a Better Belief System email. I should post something to that page to give them a brief introduction to Walt’s World

– find more Greg Warren comedy (Entertainment)
My personal preference for stand-up comedy are comedians who do not curse. Fortunately, I found the Dry Bar Comedy Channel on Youtube! Greg Warren is a new favorite.

– check if there’s a foreign fee for CapitalOne debit card charges (Administrative)

– Search for Microbe Formulas coffee enema broadcast April 29 #96 (Bodily Survival)

– write reimagining-universities passionprofit email (Mautic)
This will be for the PassionProfit™ e-course

– (Entertainment)

– continue input of product descriptions in W Store
Need to add this to ongoing projects

[end for now!]

The History We Write™ project started in the fall of 2016 as then President Barak Obama’s 2nd term as president of the United States was drawing to a close. Many realized that, within the context of US history, this had been a historic presidency that was deserving of a unique place and footnote in history. However, within many communities, there was also a palpable anticipatory concern that those who are often tasked with writing such history–in documentaries, textbooks, magazines–would not be sufficiently generous with what some consider one of the most of impactful US presidencies. A small group of like-minded individuals decided something needed to be done, and We the People was born.

The first official project under the HistoryWeWrite™ banner was the full color, table-top The Obama Legacy: A We-Write of the Greatest American Presidency. Several other projects preceded the launch but have since been added to the HistoryWeWrite™ brand. They all share the same goal. Whether it’s an account of life before, during and after the September 11,2001 terrorist attacks, or a challenge to the misinformation that often passes as conventional wisdom, or an over-sized chronicle of racism in the United States, the goal is to present an alternative perspective based on facts that are often purposely or inadvertently omitted from mainstream dialogue.

With that said, We the People present for your education and entertainment, the flagship product: The Obama Legacy: A We-Write of the Greatest American Presidency, available in Kindle, Paperback and Hardbound. Please do read more, view sample pages and considering ordering a few copies for friends and family at




Also, please do join the Facebook group at





TUESDAY, SEPT 29, 2020

DONE- respond to Bayo

DONE- price Kraken microphone $49.95
Bayo Olorunto, of the podcast, suggested I look into a different headset/microphone in order to improve the sound quality when we do future interviews


DONE- make kimchee (Bodily Survival)
Yep, I make my own kimchee (see video)! Gotta keep the gut microbiome replenished and proliferating!






DONE- post pandemicpreneur-chronicles-10

– transfer ______________ domain (Administrative)
Need to start the process of transfering on of my domains from GoDaddy (too expensive) to my current registrat

Ongoing projects
DONE- 2. post to Pandemicpreneur Blog & add to mautic sequence & promote to facebook,
DONE- 3. add Life Rhyme to e-collection sequence (Mautic)
DONE- 4. update jamaicaninchina posts (200) on (Linkback marketing)
– 5. add impressum to all 83 facebook pages (Facebook marketing)
– 6. add episode to Ageless Adept e-conversation sequence (Mautic)
– 7. add episode to PassionProfit™ e-course sequence (Mautic)
– 8. add episode to BestofSaipan™ e-chronicles sequence (Mautic)
– 9. add episode to HistoryWeWrite™ e-conversation sequence (Mautic)
– 10. add episode to JamaicaninChina™ e-chronicles sequence (Mautic)
– 11. add episode to SaipanWriters™ and GuamWriters™ e-course sequence (Mautic)
As you can see, I don’t always get around to adding episodes to the automated e-courses. Fortunately, I’ve already got a few episodes already programmed into each course, so anyone who signs up will not be deprived!

DONE- promote Bayo’s podcast (Linkback)
Sun Chasin’ Success™ has launched the first episode in the expert interview series featuring….wait for! So, time to start promoting it!

DONE- mention to writers groups

– “Gregg braden mentioned it in his missing links series on Gaia TV.”
Winston Wu, of Happier Abroad, mentioned an episode of a show featuring a Chinese man who is reportedly over two centuries old! Sounds like a fun watch! If true, he’ll be a great candidate for a profile in my Adept Ageless Adept ™ series! Have to search for it!

DONE- garlic enema (Health)



As I move into DAY 3 of my current extended, water-only fast, I’m chronicling some of the thoughts I use to keep myself on track. Here, therefore, are some of my self-talk motivation:

▪ “The colon lining can’t heal optimally until it’s clean. As long as there is still residue and gunk and impacted feces in the colon, it can’t really heal. Once the water from the colonic (or salt water wash) is clear, then I know the healing has begun!”

▪ “Don’t stop until you see the whites of the eyes! I’m working on cleansing the liver. Yellow eyes are often a symptom of liver toxicity. I’ve at least got to see this through long enough to allow the liver to purge and rejuvenate.”

▪ “The food will still be there tomorrow! (And it will taste even better!”)

▪ “Any novice can fast for 24 hours–even by accident! Sometimes, if you’re really into a project, or if you’re on a long trip, you can find that 24 hours can go by rather quickly. A day fast is for sissies! If you really want to stand out from the crowd, you’ve got to do at least 48 hours!”

▪ IN or OUT? You decide. Choose the one that most describes you:

“I know myself. If I stay inside, I’ll get bored and restless and start opening up cabinets and refrigerator doors looking for something eat. I’d better get out of the house! I can run a few miles, hang out in a park or on the beach, or drive around. It’ll help pass the time!” Therefore, GET OUT!!


“I know myself. Once I go outside or get in the car, I’ll end up passing something that triggers my food craving, or stopping somewhere where there’s food for sale. I’d better stay at home where I can’t get into any trouble!” Therefore, STAY IN!!!

▪ “Now that I’ve noticed some progress after the liver flush, or a deep enema release, now is the precise time to sleep on it and let the body’s healing code work on it overnight–that’s when healing happens. I can do this, just a few more hours until bedtime!”


“Hold on for the healing!” It’s still too early for any real healing to happen. I’ve got to “wait for the wow,” or else it will all be for naught. That wow usually happens after a good night’s sleep when eyes open and I notice something significantly different about my bodily experience–either vital energy, eyesight clarity, feeling of wellbeing or something markedly different from the days before.


Not feeling hungry anymore. I need to do this until at least Phase II (p (per “Stages of Fasting“) er “Stages of Fasting“) is complete.

Hey, if I count NIGHTS slept instead of when each 24 hour period officially ends, I come with Wed,Thu,Fri,Sat,Sun–that’s FIVE days instead of four! Woo hoo! Mental gymnasics, for sure, but it helps! After all, it’s during the nights that the true healing takes place!


Having frequent but small watery bowel releases. Interesting. As researched, documented and predicted in  (“Stages of Fasting“) , this stage I’m in–Stage 2: 3-7 days–is when the colon starts to release impacted fecal matter. I speculate that’s exactly what’s happening, but in this case, the worms are being autolyzed and liquified (that accounts for the strong die-off smell). Have to push through and get beyond this! Can’t stop now! This is why I’m doing this!

Plus, there are people counting on me. I’ve got to show that it can be done. I’ve got to be the example. I can’t write the book, Worm War, if I don’t win the war!

I’ve been doing a flush–commonly known as the Hulda Clark liver flush–every few months. The purpose of the flush is to rid the gall bladder AND liver of gallstones (i.e. without surgery). I’ve had success over the years, and have seen the white, tan and green objects that the flush releases from the body.

This time, however, I had much greater liquid and solid releases on “morning two,” and a reduction in 4pound reduction in weight in this one flush! Why was this flush more successful than previous ones? I’ve been giving it some thought, and these are my ideas:

▪ I lay in the fetal position on my right side as opposed to my back.

▪ I fasted for a full 24 hours before the flush and did a coffee enema the morning of DAY 1

▪ I had been doing more frequent castor oil therapy in the week leading up to it.

▪ While I hadn’t specifically planned doing the liver flush until just the day prior, it turns out that I was doing a bit of juicing (with apples) in the few days leading up to the liver flush.

▪ It’s also possible that the months of Mimosa Pudica (parasite herb) have been successful in relieving the parasitic load on the liver (I have been noticing a gradual improvement in everything from eyesight to libido to fingernail growth) perhaps proving what Hulda Clark is reported to have said that “you can’t clean the liver if it has living parasites.”

▪ I also read (see recommended site below) that teeth and gum issues can adversely affect the liver’s effectiveness. So, the fact that I had been doing oral irrigation (H2O2, clove oil, DMSO) for weeks leading up to the flush, may also have contributed.

The power of having accurate information and following it precisely
While I’m sure all of these were contributing factors to the flush’s success, the thing that sticks in my mind is being in the fetal position on my right side. That’s the one thing I did differently physically, and could feel some gurgling within 5 minutes of laying on my side after drinking the olive oil/grapefruit mixture.

I’ll be adding a blog post on the entire process that emphasizes points I think are important. For now, however, rather than recreate the wheel, I’ll simply refer you to one of the best overviews of the Hulda Clark Liver flush  (what, why and how) I’ve come across:!

Also, check out this great interview with Andreas Moritz, author of The Amazing Liver and Gallbladder Flush