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Passionpreneur™ Coaching

YOUR QUESTIONS: “My passion is __________? Does that have any value? How can I turn it into a business? How can I market this better? When do I quit my job? (Also includes "Escape from America"/"Become Nomadpreneur" Coaching) Can I make money even during a pandemic?

MY SOLUTIONS: A step-by-step plan of action. A recorded session for you to review.

▪ All sessions are recorded (audio)


Walt’s Book Writer Coaching

YOUR QUESTIONS: “Help! I have "writer's block!" How can I finally finish this thing? When is the best time to write? How do I format, edit, copyright, protect and publish this thing quickly and at minimal expense in time for ________?”

MY SOLUTION: A checklist, Step-by-step guidance.


Walt’s Escape Coaching

The Philosophy: "It takes far less effort to find and move to a society that has what you want than it does to try to change an existing society to match your standards.” —Harry Browne, How I Found Freedom in an Unfree World.

MY SOLUTION: That’s exactly what I did, and my personal journey of escape inspired others to do something similar or to seek my advice and guidance for doing the same! Consequently, I’ve found there is a demand for coaching for the strategy and execution of the necessary preparatory, research, travel and reconnaissance steps of escaping the matrix! However, escape can take many forms. You might be longing for escape from a physical location, escape from a dead-end career, even escape from a relationship. In every case, it involves a change in belief systems and escape from limiting beliefs about one’s self, one’s peers and one’s view of the world and one’s place in it.


Adept’s Clean Cell Coaching

YOUR QUESTIONS: “I want to eat healthy! What's wrong with the food I eat? What if I don't like vegetables? Give me something I can do every day that will make a difference. Can you help me complete an extended fast? Can you help me lose weight, become fit to breed or reverse aging?

MY SOLUTION: A “Substitution Shopping List”; Shopping expedition.


Brand Coaching by Latika Manaktala in India

(certified PassionProfit™ coach)

“It's my mission and passion to help conscious small businesses, and passionate entrepreneurs, to create a profitable and a sustainable brand so that they can do what they are best at.”Latika Manaktala

What You Get With PassionProfit™ Coaching:

• An hour+ of Skype® interaction (audio only)
• Answers to all your questions
• Strategies that work
• Specific, detailed direction and a follow-up task list
• An mp3 audio recording of your session you can listen to again and again!
Note: My goal is NOT to tie you to an ongoing coaching regimen. While I enjoy sharing information, my time is too valuable to spend pushing or pulling people to action! However, if we decide to work together, we'll have a single-session which comes with a lot of customized follow up information and specific tasks you'll need to achieve plus a recording of the session for you to refer to again and again!

a letter from a coaching client:

The following email was sent to me a coaching client I'll call S.R.! Enjoy and be inspired!--Walt
thanks again for your coaching session back in June - it was very valuable and I’m going to go over the recording of it more carefully soon so as to make sure that I’m doing all of the things you suggested. Since our call, I’ve gone ahead and put up the website, created an LLC and am in the process of signing another artist. So things are moving in the right direction.
However, I must say that I got an amazing piece of news a couple days ago: I’m getting laid off! When I was busy hatching plans on how to get fired, something inside me told me to hang on a little longer, and sure enough, when I went to work this Monday morning, my boss immediately called me into a conference room, sat me down, and shook his head saying there was nothing he could do about it, my company is laying me off with the equivalent of 4-5-6 months of pay! Inside, I was jumping for joy, but I wanted to keep a calm, professional external demeanor that hid my joyous emotions, as that may be a bit awkward. Instead, I’ll go through the motions and pretend like it’s a tough time (they’ve already given me my final two weeks - that I was supposed to be working - off as a result).
Suffice to say, this is an amazing state of affairs and I couldn’t be more excited.I'm rereading your book,Ducks in a Row now as it has new meaning now that I've parted ways with my desk job.
Anyways, just wanted to drop the good news. I’ll probably be ready for another coaching session before too long but wanted to make sure you were aware of these developments. Thanks again for all your help thus far, Walt.

My Reply:

Wow! That IS great! Yep, from my experience,that's how the universe works! Once you set an intention, the universebends over backwards to bring it into fruition, despite how it may seemat first, and despite how it may seem to others!
Keep riding the wave!

My Coaching Expectations

The whole purpose and point of coaching is to accomplish a task and/or reach a goal that YOU desire by requesting MY help to do so. In order to fulfill that request, I have the following requirements and expectations:

1. Explain to me WHY I should work with you
Why should I work with you? What's in it for me? And, no, it's not the money. If you can't come up with a good answer, we may not be able to work together.

2. Be coachable
If I say, "go left," you need to go left. If say, "go right," you need to go right. Questions are okay, but this is not a fight.

3. Follow instructions
I once sent my coaching questionnaire to a potential coaching client. My directions were simple: answer the questions and reply to me. A day later, she replied, "I don't the questions will reveal the best. Instead, I've written an essay that tells you all about me!" My next email to her was short and simple: "I can't work with you."

4. Respect and value everyone's time
If you haven't already come to the realization that your time is the only thing of value you actually have in life, then now's that time! Please be on time or call if you're going to be late. Please submit your assignments on time, or notify me if you are going to be late.

5. Complete the cycle of communication
You need to complete the cycle of communication and always confirm receipt of a communication when necessary. Even in this high tech world, emails sometimes don't get through. Did I send you an assignment? Reply and say "Got it." Did we make an appointment? Reply and say "confirmed."

6. Remember, "Seeker makes the move"
You need to understand your place in the hierarchy and your leverage (or lack thereof) when it comes to dealing with ANYONE. I've had people say, "I'd like to work with you, here's my card. Call me." YOU are asking ME for help, and you want ME to call you? That's not the way it works. Seeker (the one who is requesting the help) is the one who makes the move (takes the action).

7. Make it easy on me!
To paraphrase the pop music group, the Eagles, "It's all up to you, but whatever you do, make it easy on me" As a corrollary, if you're the one asking for help, you need to make it easy for the other person. I've had people call and leave messages like "Hey, Walt! We met last week at the workshop. I'd like to work with you. You have my number." Why on earth wouldn't you simply say, " number is xxxxxx."? That's sloppy business. You're making a lot of assumptions. You assume I kept your business card. You assume I'm physically in a place I can find your card. You assume I can find it. That's expecting a lot of effort from someone you want to help you.

8. Focus on completion rather than perfection
Everything is a process. We start at point "A" and proceed to points "B," "C," "D," and so on. However, we can't make progress if we don't complete step 1: get it done. It doesn't have to be perfect. The pursuit of perfection is a process.

9. Grow up
Growing up means "you have to be willing to do the things today that others won't do, in order to have the things tomorrow that others won't have." No whining, no excuses, no arguing, no more "I can't" or "I'll try." You have only two choices and two outcomes: either get it done or don't get it done. "But, I don't like vegetables."

10. Grow
In order to grow, you have to be willing do things differently. You have to challenge and push yourself, sacrifice and re-prioritize.

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