To escape corporate cubicle confinement sooner rather than later….

Perhaps COVID has done it for you!

I’ll state the obvious first: Many people have already been forced out of the rat race—albeit, without their consent and with little warning—as a result of the economic hit the Corona virus has inflicted on the world.

So, assuming a return to something we can all refer to as “normal;” assuming that capitalism bounces back, that money returns some value and utility, and there’s even a “rat race” to return to and escape from, here are a few thoughts I’ll share.

The universe is perfect (yes, even now), and for many people, the realization of the fragility and instability of their chosen form of employment may have come as the wake-up call they needed in order to take escape seriously. I suspect there will be people who will use this opportunity to start businesses, or simply rethink and re-plan this thing called survival.

Always have a plan B

Any plans that you make now must take into account a new set of “what if” scenarios. We all have a vested interest in things returning to normal, but what if they don’t?

My best advice would be to have a Plan B for a scenario in which things don’t return to normal. Find a way to grow your own food and secure shelter that is not dependent upon “normal.” Find a way to live a sustainable, grid-free life.

With that said, here are a few tips that still hold true for making any major change in your survival paradigm.

Seek kindred spirits

Hang out with others who’ve made the leap! Yes, even now, there are still some of us who are still generating income even during lockdown.

Think digital

As long as money has value, people will still make purchases and this will continue for as long as there are still systems in place to deliver physical goods. However, a good strategy to start implementing now is to brainstorm on products and services the consumption of which do not rely on physical delivery and/or contact.

Get scared! Very scared.

What helped me to finally find the courage to leave my soul draining, life-sapping, energy-depleting, freedom-robbing job and make the leap into being a full-time passionpreneur was fear! Fear of what my life would be like if I didn’t; fear of the failure; fear of a life of unhappiness; fear of living this particular life and—by my own hand—condemning my life to mediocrity and years of “should haves” and “could haves” if I didn’t simply do it. Yes, for me it was fear.

Nowe, it’s been said there are only two causal emotions in the universe: fear and love. Perhaps your motivation (and perhaps mine too) might be love: love for others (including your own children) demonstrated by the positive influence your decision to escape now will have on their future; Perhaps the ultimate love motivation is the love of yourself. In other words, how much do you love yourself? Do you love yourself enough to take the leap, escape and give yourself the life you deserve?

By the book

There were many such thoughts, questions and answers that preceded, attended and followed my actual decision to compose my two-line resignation letter and away from my civil engineering and escape that aspect of the rat race. Since I’ve been asked about it many times over the years, I put together a pocket-sized book entitled Ducks In a Row: How to find the courage to quit your soul-draining, life-sapping, energy-depleting and freedom-robbing job now, before it’s too late…and live passionately ever after!

Also by the book

To find some proven strategies while not tethered to a desk or physical location, you can extract some great ones from How to Become a Nomadpreneur: A pocket guide of income strategies, travel jobs & survival tips for expats, vagabonds, techies and rat race escapees who want to see the world & make money too! This one was written before the current travel restrictions, but travel jobs are just one category of income-generation included. (click on the image)

Hope that helps! Feel free to ask your own question here

I’ve got a plan for that!