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Here's what people have been saying over the years about my books, coaching, workshops, philosophy and formula and lifestyle!

Successful Passionpreneurs I've Coached

"Man, I can't thank you enough for pulling more out from me than I thought I had!"--Chief Warrant Officer Raymond, author of Rucksack to Briefcase: a civilian-side job-hunting guide for service members and their families

"Walt is an inspiring and unique person with a gift for helping and empowering others. He is authentic, evolved and the kind of rare person that once you meet, you think: "I had better learn as much as I can from this dynamic and gifted person." He has inspired me, given me valuable advice, and coached me in my internet marketing strategies. I also consider him a good friend as well (which says a lot because I am very picky about who I am friends with). As a self-employed Passionpreneur myself who makes a living doing what I love, I can testify that Walt's strategies are spot on and work in the real world. His "Passion into Profit" ebook is absolutely amazing and an absolute must have for anyone desiring to make a living doing what they love and living freely. It is very well written and the kind of book that changes lives. I consider it so essential and important, in fact, that I decided to list it on my home page and ebook store to help others."- Winston Wu, Passionpreneur and Founder of HappierAbroad.com, a successful thriving Global Dating and Living website and community

Look, your coaching techniques work! Thanks for giving me the kick in the pants to write the book. It has helped in giving me a lot of exposure. I am featured with my daughter in the September issue of Fortune Small Business Magazine. The article is called "Search and Prosper".
You can see an online excerpt of the article below...

I am also soon to be a featured regular guest on the satellite radio station "The Power" as a regular on the Brian Higgins Mind Yo Business, talk show giving me on going national exposure. I also have been featured on the American Urban Radio Network (AURN) on their "Surfing the Web" show. Needless to say I have also been on a number of local radio shows and in newspapers. Best Regards, Kamau Austin, Publisher of over 20 websites including www.Einfonews.com, www.SearchEnginePlan.com and www.eBizByDesign.com. He is also the author of Always On Top: How to Get Your Small Business On Top of the Search Engines Every Time!

"Thank you so much for writing Turn Your Passion into Profit. Like you said, you're never really happy until you're pursuing your passion. So I want you to know that I stepped out on faith, quit my job and wrote the novel I always wanted to write. Now I'm on tour all over the country and I'm finally living my dream. I am very proud of me and you should be too!"--Hallema, author of Mass Deception Check her out!

Coaching Clients

"That's huge, man! You're living life on your terms! You come and go as you want. You decide you wanted something different. You decided this is what you wanted and you went for it. You don't apologize. You take no shorts. You're living the life of your dreams. Who does that????? In a world of people settling, who does that??? That's badass! That's nothing short of bad assss!"--Mike R. (coaching client, New York)


Our health talks have really opened my eyes to the truth about what's inside the "food" I eat. I have stopped eating chicken nuggets ever since I now know what they're made of. Wow! The things you said made a lot of sense and I am trying to slowly but surely ease my way into healthier eating habits. Just earlier, I even bought a bag of those organic tortilla chips you introduced me to (instead of the msg-laced ones) and they really do taste good. You are a great advocate for healthier eating and I know more people would live longer if we followed the diet habits you preach!"--Ronald M.


Walt I want to thank you again for all the insights you shared with me yesterday. Listening to you enabled me to see my situation in a whole new light. As a result, I'm now focusing on various activities I would like to engage in rather than fretting over my life's purpose, which I'm sure will show itself to me in time.
For now, I've jotted down all the ideas that have been rolling around in my head for some time. That act alone was a *big* help. After putting it all in writing, I felt a real sense of relief. Also, I realized that I do know what I want to do.
I have to say I feel even more excited after writing down these ideas again in this e-mail. I look forward to hearing what you have to say in the next couple of days. You've already helped me tremendously!--Shelly


Thanks Walt:
It is amazing how by asking one question in a span of 24 hours how one's out-look and motivation towards life can dramatically change. Your advice has saved me hours (valuable) if not years of unfruitful and compassionate service to the world community.
You are truly a guru in every sense of the word.. I thought the response was comprehensive and well-thought and written. It was logical and the reasoning behind it very enlightening. Yeah, why else did I go to college for 8 years to be turning someone else's key!! Time is important. Better to start right away with my own business then to juggle a bunch of part-time stints with no long-lasting benefits to me or society.
You are right... I just hope to God that I find my way through the obstacles, and plethora of get-rich-quick schemes and information out there on the net! I am sure your book will be a fine manual for putting this business together.
I will be eternally grateful to know that there is a mentor out there who is available to offer unsolicited advice on turning my passion into profit! Again thanks... I will ponder over what you've just shared with me for the remainder of the day and I am certain my God-give brain will come up with some answers and thought-provoking questions! I am enthused... thanks!! Thomas PS. I was up for 5 hours last night browsing your site and taking in information... what swell work you have done!! --T.,(email consulting client)


Hello Walt!

So nice to see you back on line this Friday! I went over to YouTube and was in awe of your videos of your life in Saipan. Please add some more. I watched them all.

How wonderful to be living your dreams!
You are truly an inspiration!
While I was watching you drive around the island, I marveled at what you have accomplished!
The realities [OF LIFE] can create a feeling of being overwhelmed with life . My daughter has told me that I should be excited about this time of my life. She says to me Mom, you can do anything and go anywhere! Isn't that wonderful?!
She often tells me to be happy. Lately, quite honestly, I've been more depressed than I'd like to admit.
However, while I was enjoying your videos of what you've done with your life, I said to myself, MARY, you can do this too! Why not? Just take it step by step.
Now, I don't mean moving to Saipan, but I mean, truly getting excited about my place in the world and carving out my niche. You look really happy with your accomplishments. I found myself asking myself, Why can't I get over my trials and tribulations and move on to discover some wonderful place to live and work too?
When I was reading your blogs and looking at your videos, something sparked in me. It's all so amazing what you're doing!! You look so happy. I want to be happy too. But I know if it is to be it's up to me.
It's a challenge learning how to be an entrepreneur so I'd love to get back to my writing and learn how to make money from the Internet to help supplement my income.
It's all felt so over my head, but today I feel like there's hope.
Again, you are a true inspiration!
Thanks for all you do being a beacon of light for what's possible even when life presents the appearance of nothing but impossibilities.

Peace and blessings to you

--MARY C [Name has been changed for confidentiality]

"Yeah, why else did I go to college for 8 years to be turning someone else's key!! Time is important. Better to start right away with my own business then to juggle a bunch of part-time stints with no long-lasting benefits to me or society. You are right... I just hope to God that I find my way through the obstacles, and plethora of get-rich-quick schemes and information out there on the net! Your book will be a fine manual for putting this business together."-- a client

Turn Your Passion Into Profit, the Book

"Walt, next to my Bible, your book, Turn Your Passion Into Profit is the book I reference the most in my house! It is the only other book that is constantly visible (it's on the dining room table right now!)..."-- Karon Mason Etienne, Maryland.

"Dear Walt,
I hope my message finds you well and blessed and more enthused than ever in your service to the world. [There are]....individuals, companies and organizations that have in some way inspired me to feel more deeply, think more critically, or access myself on a higher level. Most recently I have been reading your Passion to Profit book and it has inspired me with an entirely new series of brilliant ideas. I feel more enthused than I have in months about my career and I am grateful to you for the gift of your light that you share with the world (me). Richest blessings." --Shakti Rios, Spiritual Coach, High Vibration Spiritual Living


"Thank you so much for writing Turn Your Passion into Profit. Like you said, you're never really happy until you're pursuing your passion. So I want you to know that I stepped out on faith, quit my job and wrote the novel I always wanted to write. Now I'm on tour all over the country and I'm finally living my dream. I am very proud of me and you should be too!"--Hallema, author of Mass Deception


"...My husband had a total revelation about his passion as a result of your book two years ago and we both really like your work. Peace and Blessings, Ruth"
--Ruth Kirby, Medford, OR


"I have read many "self-help" books but yours is actually instructional and answers questions. It addresses how I feel and what I am thinking. I also e-mailed you several months ago about how I [pursue my passion] when I have a house to pay for, a child to support, etc...and you told me to start out slowly and build. Like you said in your book, it is scary. However, I am doing what you said and am starting to feel so much better. I realize I have a long way to go but, I think just realizing that I don't have to stay in one of those 9-to-5 jobs working for someone else gives me so much courage to get out there and start doing what I want! Thank you so much for the book and the inspiration. I truly appreciate it."--Tammy van der Leest


I am a business owner working on taking my business to the next level. I use Turn Your Passion Into Profit like a daily guide. It motivates me when I am feeling low and strengthens my knowledge in areas where I am weak. Walt's desire for that "perfect day" spurred him in a direction to make that day not a dream but a reality. I have made the visualization of what the perfect day will look like for me a part of my morning ritual. I cannot stress enough that Turn Your Passion Into Profit has helped me to turn my DREAMS into PLANS for my not so distant future. --Gayle E. Santana, PVS Network, Professional Virtual Services


I really enjoyed your program and got a lot out of it. I feel I am at a turning point and the energy of your class helped me in ways I am not even aware of....yet! The book is very interesting so far. I feel I will benefit from it--good information! Best of luck to you--thanks for your sharing your story!--Jean M., MN


"Every Friday I am more amazed at your poetic prophecy. You obviously have a special gift. I hope life is giving you the proper ROI. If you ever have any question about your messages touching people in a special way, you can rest assured that I am at least one recipient. Keep up the good works. This world is desperately in need of your inspiration."--Leon C, New Orleans

Hey Walt,
When I first heard your personal story of the experiences that led you to the path of the passion pursuit, I knew you were achieving what many people think is out of their reach. You made me see that achievement had never been out of the reach for me. After attending your seminar and purchasing your book, I knew that the passion within me could only be profitable once I decided to take the necessary steps to success. I saw you as someone I was able to connect with and it made me think, "If he can do it, so can I." I am currently turning the passion I have of creating artwork, photography and dance to that next level. No longer are these just hobbies but a way of life that is invigorating, challenging and fulfilling. I feel a deeper connection to the purpose of this life path I am on. By focusing on this passion of creation, I am liberating myself from the limits of doing something I had no passion for. Getting Turn Your Passion into Profit was one of my first steps to acknowledging my own purpose, power and freedom. Thank you! And this comes straight from the heart because that is where passion truly lives. Peace and blessings, --Nicole Woo, DC


"Thanks for writing such an informative, marvelous and inspirational book Turn Your Passion Into Profit. Being an entrepreneur for some 5 years now this book is a masterpeice and I have, indeed, seen and read some business books in my time.Your's is up-to-date and appropriate for the times. As a result I have taken this book as a guide, along with Zen and the Art of Making a Living. Your book remains on my desk as a regular fixture - along with your Lessons in Success."--Thomas L., Bermuda

Hello Mr. Goodridge,
I've been on your list for a long time now, counting in years. I've read some of your books, and I love getting your Friday inspirations, but I've never really followed up on anything. It's always been like a seed waiting to sprout.
A few years ago I got a degree in audio recording from OIART (Ontario Institute of Audio Recording Technology). Since then I've basically been doing odd jobs and sometimes shit work to finance and aquire my own gear. My PASSION has always been song writing, though I'm mostly a self taught musician. I realized that I should study music in a formal way, so I enrolled in a 3 year Jazz program at Humber College in Toronto, and started my first year just last Sept/03.
It's been real busy for me, studying, practicing, and working to pay my rent and bills etc. Lately, I'd had this burning feeling that I should quit my job, and plunge into my studio work. In the past 3 months I've had...

1) a paying gig recording voice overs, and composing the theme song for a golf game show (pilot episode)

2) Doing post sound and foley for a student film, and

3) Composing the score for another student film.

In the past few days this itch to quit my job came to a boiling point, even haunting me in my dreams. Tonight I just snapped and did it. As soon as I got off the phone with my EX-boss I felt almost drunk with excitement. My head was full of ideas for my portfollio. AND... not even a half hour after I quit, I got a call from one of my teachers at school asking me to record his band! What timing! Could that be a sign?
I'll admit that I'm a little scared. I just got married a few months ago, and I currently have just enough money saved to last about two months. My wife has been very encouraging though. I'm very lucky to have her support.
Mr. Goodridge, I've been reading your Friday poems for years, and I feel like I'm finally starting to believe you. I don't expect a reply. I know that you must hear stories like this a lot. I just wanted to share my happiness with you.
Thanks for sharing YOUR PASSION so consistently for so long.

Peace, Ljubo

Walt's PassionProfit™ Workshops

Dear Walt,
In November of 2002, I attended your workshop at the Learning Annex in New York on Turn Your Passion into Profit, I really enjoyed it. At the time I really did'nt have a passion but an idea. This is something that I've been playing with for almost 2 years but could'nt move forward with it for one reason or another. Anyway after attending your workshop I decided to conquer my fear which I think was one of the problem and move forward. I read your book and next to my bible now that's my most favorite resource. I have consulted it for everything that I need to know. I have gone through all the steps that need to be taken and I'm now ready to go to press. I will definately need a website and when you see my stuff seeing that you are a Jamaican like myself I think you'll love it. I will definately be advertising on your website so I'll be signing on to receive your newsletter in a minute. I will also need some coaching as I move forward but I see that you have everything that I need but TIME. All the best, I do hope you can take some time out of your busy schedule to answer this e-mail.God bless

God blessed you with a talent that is truly awesome!!! You are undoubtly a master at inspiring people, as well as being an intergral source at helping individuals ignite their niche.
I was truly impressed and in awe at a recent book reading and signing you did for my book club. You left attendees with the encouragement to move forward with their passions while getting paid for it. You had to be awesome when you analyzed the type of person I was and challenged me not feel bad about getting paid for it. Needless to say, I'm reading the books, talking with the experts to get a move on this unleashed talent I have within the next six months.
A church member of mine who attended was so impressed and inspired with your general and personal presentation that we both unrelentingly have decided to have you do a "Turn Your Passion Into Profit" seminar this fall. Many will benefit from your professional knowledge, encouragement and motivation. Thanks a million and God bless you in all that you do!!!

Valerie Odom
Philadelphia, PA


I thought that the seminar was great!!! I am so glad that I was able to make it. Your insight and advice as usual was as wonderful as your Friday inspirations. Next time you might want to set aside a block of rooms, so that we can get them at a cheaper price. If this were the case, I might be willing to attend more of these classes and bring more and more people with me. Keep up the excellent work your fellow poet --Rose

"Seriously, it was the most informative panel that I have ever been to in my 8 years in the industry. I learned as much as everyone else in the room. "--Corey Llewellyn, Rap Promotions, Elektra Records
Thank you Walt, for your participation in the Harlem School of the Arts event. You helped give our kids a true perspective on music and their inner potentials. --Claudio Lescano, Business Manager, WAXQ/ WWPR HOT105 FM New York (HSA Alum)

"Unlike many motivational speakers who can riddle you with platitudes, Walt has an uncanny ability to ask the rightquestions to help you find real answers with real possibilities. He gave me a new beginning with a clear path."--Wendy R., Washington,DC [Re: Passion Workshop]

Walt's Life Rhymes

(Archives | The Book )

"What a great way to communicate positive words of wisdom!"--

L. Hawthorne

"I receive these every Friday, and I love them all because they inspire and uplift me so, but never has one of your poems ever read my heart and soul as this one has. It was as if you were writing to someone else for me. I'm not sure what to do just yet because I'm still afraid to "go out on a limb," but hopefully after reading it a few more times, I'll get the courage to actually taste the 'sweetest fruit.' "-Lashunda Bailes
Hello Mr Walt Goodridge,

Your passion truly is an amazing gift and I consider myself extremely fortunate to be able to share in the pleasure and encouragement that your work offers. Your two recent pieces of work, namely ... "The Charge for Change" & "Regime Change " (see archives) should be dedicated to the people of Zimbabwe. They live in hope for CHANGE which sadly is not coming soon enough for the hundreds of thousands now dying of starvation. I have shared these with some of my good friends still living in what is a beautiful country of beautiful people who are suffering indescribable horrors under the current regime. I hope they will draw strength and hope from the passion in your words. I wish you could fully know the impact your words have on so many of us. Dont ever stop your amazing work and please continue to share it. Admiringly, --Mugs T.

An optometrist that I used to work with turned me on to your weekly column about 6 months ago and I have to tell you, that while I have always loved your columns- I especially enjoyed this one. What an elightened & quite possibly terrifying question to delve into~ one that I intend to pursue with gusto. Thank you for your insights and inspiration~ I just thought it was about time I let you know that I appreciate your work and constantly forward your weekly mailings to all of my friends and love hearing from each of them how different columns have inspired them to reach deeper within themselves and bring about fantastic changes- it's amazing how frequently your message is timely- please keep up the wonderful work and thanks for allowing the rest of the world a glimpse into your heart.
"Walt, I swear GOD is trying to talk to me through you. Unbelievable, as usual. Thanks"-Dst22

"...just wanted to drop you a quick note to let you know that I enjoy reading your Friday Inspirations. I'm a faithful reader and find it amazing that week after week you can continually come up with something new. Thanks for the inspiring words and keep up the good work. Sincerely." --Todd Johnston


"You have no idea of how much your inspirations affect people. It's like you heard me talking with my girlfriends yesterday about my relationships. This inspiration hit the nail on the head for me. It is just what I needed to start my day." -T Bos


"Hello Walt: especially liked your poem - "The Art of Creation." It is very much in tune with what I believe as hard as that philosophy is to accept (i.e. that we create our own experiences)." -Pamela Beatty


"This is so authentic. It captures so much of what you shared with us and I'm totally impressed at how well you used language to capture some of the intangibles that seem make up the crucial pieces of our growth. Thank you. -Reina Joa


"Thank you very much for creating and sending to me this week's Inspiration # 83. I am in the process of trying to get back together with my girlfriend and, after reading your message, I have a much better feeling about [her] and me and the simple joys of being with the one I love. Focusing on the basics got away from me for a while, but I've learned (the hard way) that love, security, and self-assuredness are paramount to one's well being. Once again, thanks for the wonderful thoughts, and keep up your great work."-- A A


I really, really, really, really, really, really, really, really, really, really, really, really, really, really, really, really loved this poem. Thanks for writing it and sharing." --Brenda [re: #132, You First]


Wow! Walt... I had to respond! Today's inspiration was so timely! Schizophrenic! This is how I describe my mental state, lately. I am on draft #7 of my company's business plan. This evening as I read, questioning my purpose on planet earth... I find myself struggling with the desire to throw in the towel. My God given business concept is an awesome venture. As awesome and wonderful as it is ... it's scary, lonely, unnerving, yet deliriously exciting ... it is the worst of times ... it is the best of times! Yeah, schizophrenic is how I feel -- sometimes. Walt, I REALLY needed to hear & receive what you had to impart today. Thanks. Your timely words forced me to remember my direction ... renew my focus ... and reclaim my passion.Sincerely,Helena

Walt's Books

"I carry it in my bag every day! (When a book is important to me, it lookswell read)....There's always a situation that will arise, that I can pull it out and use for myself share passages with someone I'm speaking with. And every time I need it, I just open it and I always seem to turn right to what I need at that moment!"I really love it...--Salimah Abdullah-King, Dynamic Mothers Network (and proud mother of Nakkiyya and Hasaan!) [about Lessons In Success]


"What a joy Lessons In Success is! It's been so inspiring! It's simply written, yet profound. I am so thrilled with your vision of the world. I really am impressed!"--Denise



Just wanted to let you know that I recently received my copy of the Tao of Wow and it is an excellent read so far. I'm about half way through the book and recommend it to anyone who seeks to draw from eternal/internal power. The book reinforces the importance of one's thoughts and the criticality of looking inward to understand, and even control, what is manifested outward. Knowledge of self is ongoing so I imagine I will read this book several times over. Thanks!" --Kevin Fields, Chicago

Walt's Websites

"Do you know how it is when you've run across something that is just what you've been looking for, but didn't know you were looking for it? Well, that's how I feel about having found your [Passionprofit.com] site! I am excited about what I see in your company and am looking forward to becoming more involved. Honestly Walt, I haven't seen anything on the internet that has so moved me as what I've experienced visiting your site! Thanks again and again"--Henry Street

The Coffeepot Cookbook

Hello, My name is Seth. I have been living on the road for 10 years, touring with [the live production of a popular children's show which shall remain nameless]. I am in hotels 47-50 weeks a year. Most of the time I travel domestically in the USA. but more recently I have been spending about 6 mouths a year internationally. I have been fixing meals in my room for quite a long time. Currently in Italy I bought a electric Kettle/ coffee pot and some metal lined (because I couldn't find glass) Thermos(es). A vegetarian on my current tour handed me your book. Good read, very nice.
My schedule can have me work from sun up to sun down or three days off; I never know what shopping opportunities will or wont be available. I constantly look for what we call crate foods/ suitcase foods for days when there are no food sources available. Your book has given me some new things to try.
If I get any good pictures I send them your way.

Best Wishes,-- J. Seth Leach


"I wish I'd had a copy of The Coffeepot Cookbook back in 2009 when I lived four days a week in a back-of-beyond Nanjing hotel on a diet of spicy beef instant noodles and rice crackers! Feasible, functional and fun, the ever resourceful Walt has hit upon a genuinely great idea for the frugal and health conscious traveler and delivers it with his trademark humor. Plus he's added a few new terms to the culinary lexicon along the way...silk-steamed spaghetti anyone?"Aimee Groom, Editor, ChinaTravel.net

>"Hi there! Came across your blog via a link in the HappyCow.net newsletter, read a couple of funny posts and saw the cookbook - great idea! Thought I'd either get it for my brother who lives in Shanghai, or my wife who travels a lot, but I think I'll just get it for myself! Reading a bunch of your posts, I guess it's all geared towards eating with vegan ingredients in mind? That's great, as I'm also vegan and not too keen on seeing pictures of fishies swimming in a kettle! And I hope you ship to Germany? All the best"--Karl

S u c c e s s       S t o r i e s         

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