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On television

I was recently interviewed by Bob Coldeen of KSPN2 News here on Saipan about the upcoming writers' workshop on Tinian! The interview starts at 13:30, but check out the entire newscast to get a taste of life and media in the Commonwealth of the Northern Mariana Islands!

Part 1 July 6, 2018 episode:

Part 2 of interview:

Interview May 2015 I recently agreed to an enjoyable interview with Stefan McCormack of Had such a great time sharing my nomadpreneur secrets, that we went overtime and Stefan had to create two podcasts1 (See RC14 and RC15). Click to listen to BrainstormLanguages interview
Conference Calls

• Feb 1, 2013 Call-in Turn Your Passion Into Profit Pilot Episode • Mar 15, 2013 Call-in Ducks in a Row??? Please. How to find the courage to finally QUIT your soul-draining, life-sapping, energy-depleting, freedom-robbing job now…before it's too late..and live passionately ever after!]]

Radio Interviews

A Ripple Effect Interview Click to Listen
On Sunday, March 18, 2012 I was interviewed by Lisa Bullard of A Ripple Effect. Great stuff! Download the show and check out Lisa's other interviews directly at Lisa's blogtalkradio program page or below.
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Power 99.FM Show Interview Click to Listen
Join host, Catherine Rosario Perry as she interviews me on Saipan shortly after returning from my six months in China. Power 99.5FM’s “Your Humanities Half Hour” radio program. Interview with still image also available on Youtube. Click on images for 2-part youtube upload of interview.
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Being interviewed on Power99.5FM on Saipan

KY Show Interview Click to Listen
This is probably the best interview I've done (If I do say so myself.) The name of the show is The KY Show. It was almost exactly a year ago, and I was in a small hotel room in Xishuangbanna, China and talking to the hosts via Skype. Date: January 9, 2011
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On skype in China

KZMI-FM Click to Lisen
As you may know, I escaped from America, and ran off to Saipan, a tropical island in the Pacific. I've been on Saipan's Harry Blalock morning show on Saipan several times. If I recall correctly, this was a 2007 interview, 15 months after first arriving on Saipan!
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Interview on Harry Blalock Show

McKenzie Business Forum Click to Listen
My buddy, Andrew Morrison ( and I were interviewed on McKenzie Business Forum Jan 29, 2009. Monique and Jamie host. Andrew grew his first business to sales of over a million dollars before his thirtieth birthday, and has been a guest on the Oprah Winfrey Show! I've collaborated with Andrew for workshops and products available here. Check out Andrew's products HERE
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Doing a workshop

KZMI-FM Chicken Feathers interviewClick to Listen
I co-authored Chicken Feathers & Garlic Skin: Diary of a Chinese Garment Factory Girl on Saipan, with Chun Yu Wang. Here is an interview on KZMI-FM.
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Full-sized video (the video is only a short clip and not the full interview)
Chicken Feathers Interview on KZMI-FM

Bonus CD/Workshop Track 1 Click to Listen to track 1
This isn't actually an interview, but the entire first CD of my Turn Your Passion Into Profit audio program which features excerpts from my workshops. The link above is for track 1. (The live workshop begins at Track 4)
2 | 3 | 4 | 5 | 6 | 7 | 8 | 9 | 10
DOWNLOAD ALL 10 tracks of CD 1 of Turn Your Passion into Profit

Excerpt from live workshop

Video Interviews

Youtube Channel Click to View on Youtube
Here is my network with links to the various channels. Includes videos from the PassionProphet Channel, Jamaican in China Channel, and that tourism business I started: The DestinationSaipan Channel .
NEW Youtube® Channel!

The Youtube Channel!

Written/Transcribed Interviews

ChinaTravel.NET Click to Read
Here's's interview with me as I did my Achievable Freedom nomad thing across China and Asia! Read all ChinaTravel interviews and guest posts

Me in Suzhou, China

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