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My Coaching


Are you living an integrated life? In other words, are you living a life in which your passion has been incorporated into your career, your diet keeps you healthy and in sync with your body's healing code, and your relationships allow you to live and love true to your self? Have you figured out how balance those usually separate parts of your life into a working whole? If the answer is "not quite" or "sort of, but..." then there are three types of coaching available for you...

What You Get With PassionProfit™ Coaching:

• An hour+ of Skype® interaction (audio only)
• Answers to all your questions
• Strategies that work
• Specific, detailed direction and a follow-up task list
• An mp3 audio recording of your session you can listen to again and again!
Note: My goal is NOT to tie you to an ongoing coaching regimen. While I enjoy sharing information, my time is too valuable to spend pushing or pulling people to action! However, if we decide to work together, we'll have a single-session which comes with a lot of customized follow up information and specific tasks you'll need to achieve plus a recording of the session for you to refer to again and again!

Different types of coaching

Product/Idea evaluation
Can this idea sell? How can I make it better?

Marketing coaching
Why isn't my product selling? Should I change my target audience? People visit my website, but no one is buying.

Book coaching
Can you edit my book? I think I have a great idea, but I'm not a writer...Can you ghost write this for me?

Body Healing coaching
Can you help me complete an extended fast? Can you help me lose weight, become fit to breed or reverse aging?

Escape/Nomadpreneur coaching
How can I become a nomadpreneur?
People ask me how I'm able to have money AND mobility at the same time? How is it that I can wander through Asia and the Caribbean without a job! Well, it's easier than you think, and I have nothing to lose by sharing my strategy with you. First I "magnetize." Then I "monetize." Then I "methodize." Then I "minimize and mobilize!" Sound intriguing? Well, email me and I'll send you an overview of the process, a questionnaire to see if we can work together, AND I'll share with you "The Single Most Important Question to Ask (and get Answered) BEFORE you take ANYONE'S Advice!" (including mine!)

a letter from a coaching client:

The following email was sent to me on Thursday, August 7. 2014. I've changed "S.R.'s" name for obvious reasons you'll discover! Enjoy and be inspired!--Walt
thanks again for your coaching session back in June - it was very valuable and I’m going to go over the recording of it more carefully soon so as to make sure that I’m doing all of the things you suggested. Since our call, I’ve gone ahead and put up the website, created an LLC and am in the process of signing another artist. So things are moving in the right direction.
However, I must say that I got an amazing piece of news a couple days ago: I’m getting laid off! When I was busy hatching plans on how to get fired, something inside me told me to hang on a little longer, and sure enough, when I went to work this Monday morning, my boss immediately called me into a conference room, sat me down, and shook his head saying there was nothing he could do about it, my company is laying me off with the equivalent of 4-5-6 months of pay! Inside, I was jumping for joy, but I wanted to keep a calm, professional external demeanor that hid my joyous emotions, as that may be a bit awkward. Instead, I’ll go through the motions and pretend like it’s a tough time (they’ve already given me my final two weeks - that I was supposed to be working - off as a result).
Suffice to say, this is an amazing state of affairs and I couldn’t be more excited. I'm rereading your book, Ducks in a Row now as it has new meaning now that I've parted ways with my desk job.
Anyways, just wanted to drop the good news. I’ll probably be ready for another coaching session before too long but wanted to make sure you were aware of these developments. Thanks again for all your help thus far, Walt.


Wow! That IS great! Yep, from my experience, that's how the universe works! Once you set an intention, the universe bends over backwards to bring it into fruition, despite how it may seem at first, and despite how it may seem to others! 
Keep riding the wave! 


Request a Coaching Questionnaire by sending a blank email to this email address


Sign up for your own coaching session now! (Date & time of Skype® call will be scheduled  after payment; Specify which type (passion to profit; healthy lifestyle; escape/nomadpreneur planning in the comments box!)


Discover the Number one mistake people make when attempting to turn their passion into profit!

ALSO: Relationship Coaching My relationship advice is unique for each individual and based on the concept of loving true to your self. However, you can discover my personal philosophy and practices in Masculinity 2.0: The new relationship guidelines for men who want to be men, and the women who love them! Read more here
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  Look for this symbol downloadto download FREE previews of various products.

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