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What is Body Healing?

Your body is coded for healing, reversal, regeneration, renewal and rejuvenation. Cuts heal. Broken bones mend. Fevers kill germs. Yes, provided with the raw materials it needs, and left to its own intelligence, the body is designed to heal, survive, and thrive. Everything you currently define as illness is actually healing taking place. Diarrhea, colds and coughs, for instance, are all efforts by your body to cleanse and heal itself.

Body Healing is simply the process of allowing the body the nutrients and level of cleanliness it requires in order to effect healing.

What is the Clean Cell Protocol?

On January 17, 1912, Nobel Prize winner Dr. Alexis Carrel began a famous experiment at the Rockefeller Institute for Medical Research in which he placed tissue cultured from an embryonic chicken heart in a flask of his own design. He maintained the living culture for well over 20 years--much longer than a chicken's normal life span--proving that living cells could be kept alive indefinitely by simply controlling the nutrients and removing the waste in the surrounding solution.

Proper nutrition and removal of waste. This is the simple formula for longevity for which no practical lifestyle protocol or guide has ever existed. Our failure practicing this formula is the cause of most, if not all, disease.

The Clean Cell Protocol, described in detail in the book, A Clean Cell Never Dieswill show you how to fulfill those two simple requirements in 10 practical ways to effectively conduct your own experiment in bodily immortality.
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Who is Walt?

Walt F.J. Goodridge is the author of The Man Who Lived Forever, Yesterday's You, Fit to Breed (for men), publisher of Fast & Grow Young, and the originator of the Clean Cell Protocol of Body Healing. He provides guidance and coaching in person and via Skype for:

• "Yesterday's You" age reversal advice
• "Fit to Breed" guidance
• "Fast & Grow Young" coaching
• "Real Food" shopping dates
• Jamaican Vegan Food Preparation demonstrations

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