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  • Message from Walt
  • hey, what's up!
    If you're new to the Achievable Freedom mailing list, think of this newsletter as a diary of several ongoing conversations between you and me, about several different--but related-topics. We'll talk about purpose, passion, prosperity, escape, loving honestly and aging less.

    Over the coming months and years, you're going to hear more people talking about these topics and particularly about freedom. It's the next natural step in what is a global shift in consciousness. That's what 2012 (and beyond) is all about. It's not about endings. It's about beginnings.

    With that said, it's going to be more and more appropriate to redefine who you will be and what your life will be in this new paradigm. So, I encourage you to take the Living True to Your Self test in the next conversation.--Walt

    p.s. Oh, and by the way. As you can see in the new look of today's email, I'm constantly updating and tweaking the look and content of the website, so I'd love your feedback and input!
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  • Freedom to Live on Purpose: Are you Living True to Your Self?
  • Here is an excerpt from Living True to Your Self

    How to know if you are living true to your self
    When asked, many people believe they are already living true to their selves. Here is a test to determine if you are.

    1. Have you identified your purpose in life?

    2. Are you in control of how you spend your time?

    3. Are you actively spending your time engaged activities that help you fulfill your purpose?

    4. Are you involved in any activities that are at odds with your ethics simply for survival or a paycheck? (Are you buying, selling, making, marketing or otherwise endorsing the buying, selling, making or marketing of goods and services or lifestyles that are at odds with your values or ethics?)

    5. Are you involved in any relationships that are at odds with your ethics simply for survival or a paycheck?

    6.Are you living in the location and lifestyle of your happiness?

    In the broadest, general terms, living true to the self means, as a friend of mine was fond of saying, "displaying the appropriate and healthy level of self-advocacy." In other words, I, as my own advocate, must strive at all times to think, speak, be and behave in ways that support my physical, mental and spiritual survival, growth, and prosperity without infringing on the same of others. It means being in control of and steering my life towards the fulfillment of my purpose. It means engaging in a profession that serves my purpose. It means getting out of unhealthy relationships even if children are involved. It means living where and how I wish to live. [end of excerpt]

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  • Freedom to Escape: Go Abroad!
  • Don't let the media's and government's demonization of different countries scare you away from experiencing the people of other cultures. Remember, as Wael Ghonim states in the subtitle of his book, Revolution 2.0, "the power of the people is greater than the people in power."

    On February 22nd, you'll be able to find a special article I wrote featured on the internationally renowned site,! This amazing website features resources to help you study, teach, volunteer and learn abroad. One of the most popular ways to earn money and indulge your passion for travel is simply to teach a language in another country. (English is in high demand!) In other words, it's possible for you to escape even if you're not viably turning your passion into profit. Next week, I'll share the exact link to the article. For now, I invite you to check out to help achieve the freedom to escape!
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  • Freedom to Age Less: The Master Cleanser
  • WINSTON "THE DUBUNKER" WU ASKS: [re: the mastercleanser "lemonade" fast] Have you tried it? How did it feel? There are so many ways to detoxify yourself out there. How do you know which one to use? Tons of products are claimed to be antioxidants.

    First, let me say that as a result of what our planet's environment has become, our bodies are constantly exposed to and accumulating toxins through the air, food and water. When I refer to toxins and toxicity, I'm referring to any poison in the form of substances things like pesticides, steroids, chemicals, dairy, etc., that don't belong in the body--and accumulate and become toxic and poisonous and speed up the aging process. When I speak of a "detox," I'm generally referring to any method of removing these toxins, including parasites, bacteria and other living organisms in order to detoxify the body.

    There are many natural ways to remove those toxins, parasites and accumulations from the body. I've personally done 10-day fasts, 7-day colonics, clay therapy, zapper protocols, sauna therapy and herbal detoxes and more.

    I'll also say that, despite what appears to be a similar root within both words, an "antioxidant" is not the same as a detox.

    Nature's simplest detox method is a fast. The Master Cleanse is a 7-10 fast that allows the body's own coding to heal itself. A fast means, no solid food. Liquids only. There are many websites that describe in detail how to do the cleanse.

    To answer your questions:
    • Yes, I've done it several times. [Here's a link to a forum to read what others experienced] I also do shorter 1 or 2-day fasts every few weeks/months.
    • The first time around, the first day or two of a fast/cleanse is usually the toughest, but after a few days, I find that my energy level, mental clarity and sense of well-being actually increase.
    • Don't think of detoxing as a one-time deal. As mentioned, there'll always be an on-going accumulation of toxins. So, over the course of your journey, you can try different protocols and achieve an increasing level of health and agelessness.

    Along with the The Master Cleanser by Stanley Burroughs, I would suggest Cleanse and Purify Thyself by Richard Anderson (which describes a powerful herbal cleanse that removes years of mucoid plaque from the colon. With a question like that, I could go on for paragraphs and eventually end up writing a book in response! So, this is my short answer. The good news is, I've already written a book! So, the longer answer can be found in The Ageless Adept as well as How to Reverse Aging
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