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  • Message from Walt
  • If you share my emails with your friends (hint), they'll no doubt want to know what this whole "Achievable Freedom" thing is all about. So, this overview will help you explain it in 5 easy freedoms.

    What is Achievable Freedom?

    In the quest for freedom, we find there are barriers, borders and brainwashing that often stand in the way of our success..
    Some of these challenges are within our personal power to overcome simply by choosing to adopt a new belief system and by exercising the courage and discipline to stick to it.
    Others of these challenges represent entrenched paradigms and customs that society as a whole will need to address, but are restrictions on freedom nonetheless.
    In essence, I believe that as individuals, in order to live true to our selves, we need

    • 1. The freedom to live a life of purpose.

    • 2. The freedom to profit and prosper.

    • 3. The freedom to love honestly.

    • 4. The freedom to escape.

    • 5. The freedom to age less.

    However, you cannot achieve total freedom unless you recognize where you are not free in all areas of your life. So, let me explain a bit further....(click on more details below)
    [The freedom to love honestly concept is going to be controversial, so stay tuned for the book on that one!]
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  • Freedom to Profit & Prosper: Success Story!
  • Because I'm a writer, and based on the tremendous potential I see in the ongoing Kindle Revolution, I always love to share the latest success stories of self-published authors who have found profit and prosperity releasing their own books! The beauty of all this is that it's all do-it-yourself, but if you need any assistance or coaching, feel free to contact me at walt@passionprofit.com (I've helped a few people already!)

    Check out "Self Published Author is Now Amazon Bestseller!" article on the Guardian website. You can also learn a lot from the comments to the article. Just remember that if you accept someone's opinion, you accept their lifestyle. Be wary of whose opinion you accept. http://www.guardian.co.uk/books/2012/feb/08/self- published-author-amazon-ebook

    I love this stuff!
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  • Freedom to Escape: When is Following Your Bliss a bad idea?
  • Here's a question I was asked recently, and my response.

    Is following your bliss always a good idea? As job seekers assess their career paths, many may be tempted to finally follow their dreams. However, are there certain instances when following your bliss is a bad idea? For instance: When you would be making substantially less than you once did? When you have a child close to college age? When you are close to retirement? When your target industry is on shaky ground or is saturated?


    Great question! However, it is based on an assumption I've come to realize is flawed.

    As a passion profit coach, I'm in the business of helping people to discover, develop and profit from their passions--i.e. their bliss. Earning less money, having dependent children, being close to retirement--these are all practical considerations and one would be justified in assuming that everyone's bliss-centered decision is governed by them.

    However, what I've found is that when many people reach a point where they are seriously considering following their bliss, it's no longer about practicality. They are seeking fulfillment, happiness, freedom and purpose in their lives. It's often the case (in my own, for instance) where one's income drops when one transitions from nine-to-five employment to becoming a full-time "passionpreneur." However, in the minds of those individuals committed to living true to themselves, there's often a tradeoff between income and happiness, between practicality and passion, between security and freedom, between--if you like-- boredom and bliss!

    There are, indeed, stories of people with children, with mortgages, close to retirement who have jumped into the pursuit of their passion and bliss despite the odds and overwhelming apparent impracticality and succeeded!

    So, to answer the question, sometimes it's not a good idea to follow your bliss not because these considerations make it impractical or impossible, but if YOU, the individual hold them to be. We are not ruled by our circumstances! :-)

    Look to your passion!
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  • Freedom to Age Less: Reversing the Irreversible
  • Last week, I promised you my answer to Winston "the Debunker" Wu's question about choosing a detox method. However, this week, I'd like to introduce you to a documentary that shows evidence and proof that you can achieve the freedom to age less, and may actually offer you insight into the best "detox" method there is. The documentary is entitled Reversing the Irreversible. In this film, 37 participants share their remarkable stories about suffering from "incurable" chronic diseases like fibromyalgia, psoriasis, diabetes, colitis, edema and many more, and how they were able to reverse and cure themselves. The video includes:
    • Reversing Arthritis
    • Reversing Brain Injuries
    • Reversing Bronchiectasis
    • Reversing Colitis
    • Reversing Cancer
    • Reversing Diabetes (types 1 and 2)
    • Reversing Eczema
    • Reversing Edema
    • Reversing Fibromyalgia
    • Reversing High Blood Pressure
    • Reversing High Cholesterol
    • Reversing Hypo/Hyper Thyroid
    • Reversing Irritable Bowel Syndrome
    • Reversing Lupus
    • Reversing Moles
    • Reversing Psoriasis
    • Reversing Poor Eyesight
    • Reversing Rashes
    • Reversing Vertigo
    • Weight Loss

    Remember, practically everything we've been led to believe.... is wrong.

    The basis of the freedom to Age Less and my How to Reverse Aging ebook is the truth that everything is reversible. The more amazing part of that truth is that the power to do it is within you, not within pharmaceuticals, radiation or anything created in a laboratory by scientists.

    Mike Adams at Natural News has a "remake" of the video for sale on his site. However, you can check out the original version at http://vimeo.com/18267272
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