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  • Message from Walt
  • Today, we continue our "interview by a skeptic" series with questions for me from Winston "The Debunker" Wu, of HappierAbroad, Intellectual Expat, and DebunkingSkeptics . First, however, here are a few announcements:

    • 7 Conversations to Freedom, the free ebook available on the passionprofit.com site, has been reformatted, edited and expanded and is now available for Kindle e-reader. Check it out for $0.99cents HERE

    • Want to share THIS edition of the Achievable Freedom Newsletter, tweet or share on facebook or your favorite network? Direct your friends to this link http://www.waltgoodridge.com/archives/newsletter6.html or http://tinyurl.com/7wo4nf3
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  • Freedom to Profit: What's the book about?
  • WINSTON THE DEBUNKER asks:Is your Turn Your Passion Into Profit book more about starting a traditional business or an online business? Many of my readers are interested in making money line, generating passive incomes, or doing freelance work, so that they could live overseas. So that would appeal to them.

    (1) It's first about clarifying the concept that underlies the business (i.e. clarifying the product or service the business should be based on--your passion/talent/hobby... AND

    (2) since the whole underlying concept of my life and message is freedom, even the products I suggest and recommend are always those that have the potential to be marketed remotely and passively. I rarely, if ever, suggest a brick and mortar business.

    (3) I also have two supplemental manuals, The Turn Your Passion into Profit Quickstart Manual and Websites That Sell that focus additionally on setting up and mastering the online side of things. I follow the Robert G. Allen's Multiple Streams of Income Philosophy for what makes the perfect business, so less employees (as in zero) is key, and mobility and freedom is built into my philosophy and formula. Check out all the books and what versions (Kindle, paperback, audio) are available at http://www.waltgoodridge.com/wwebsitesandbooks.html
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  • Freedom to Escape: Why New York??? Aren't you free to escape?
  • WINSTON THE DEBUNKER asks: ...I am wondering, why didn't you just go live overseas like in Saipan or China? Why stay in NY? Isn't it expensive to live there? Isn't it best to live in a place where cost of living is cheaper and where values are less materialistic? I mean, don't you want to set your business on auto-pilot, so you can just travel perpetually? Isn't that your dream? Why aren't you doing that now?

    THE SHORT ANSWER: Absolutely! I do, in fact, plan to return to China! I've been living on Saipan for the past 6 years. I only came to New York in September because of a family matter. I wasn't planning on staying, but one thing led to another and now I'm "stuck"--(albeit pleasantly and willingly!--hint) But, I'm hating the cold, and the general unfriendliness. If it weren't for certain "compelling motivations," I'd be out of here in a New York minute!

    The business is pretty much already on auto. I have that freedom now. That's what made the 6 months in China possible. However, every now and then, I need to stop and focus and tweak some things. For example, the whole publishing industry is changing VERY rapidly right now! Once I got the Kindle/Nook bug, as I do now, it's better for me to be in one place with a reliable internet connection and some consistency (here in NY, for instance), converting, uploading, tweaking, re-uploading all hours of the night and morning to get everything in order. Then next, I need to focus on marketing the Kindle/Nook editions (basically, learning a whole new paradigm and strategy) to get things up to a certain level of exposure and sales.

    So, as much as I hate the cold, this stay in New York has been great in that regard. The cold weather keeps me inside and I've gotten so much done that I may not have been able to if I were traveling, or even if I were on Saipan.

    Now--since Dec--I've been promoting 10 titles at the same time on both Kindle and Nook platforms as well as paperback formats. First there was the tedious manual conversions of each book to kindle format, then to Nook, then to Smashwords for one title in particular.

    Then, there was
    - writing press releases for each book (10)
    - submitting to dozens of press release distribution sites one at a time each press release individually to dozens of sites
    - writing articles that reference each book (10)
    - submitting those articles to article distribution sites one at a time
    - posting on forums
    - commenting on news articles
    - finding blogs and emailing reviewers one by one
    - contacting book clubs
    - emailing/faxing stores (for paperback editions of all books)

    However, the Kindle sales are already building slowly and are on track to surpass the paperback sales, and once I'm past this initial inertia stage, it'll probably be Spring, and I planto head back to China! So, the last year and a half has looked like this: 6 months in China, 6 months on Saipan, and now it looks like I'll be 6 months in New York, before returning to Saipan and then China--on auto pilot again!
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  • Freedom to Age Less: Why are you vegan?
  • WINSTON THE DEBUNKER asks: Why are you a vegan? What is wrong with milk and dairy products? I read up on it and the conclusion was that everything should be in moderation and that as long as you aren't lactose intolerant, it's ok to consume some dairy products. Isn't that true? It's hard to be a strict vegan. If you are vegetarian at least you can order a cheese pizza or scrambled eggs or an omelet.

    1. I'm vegan because I want to age less and live longer. I don't eat anything animal-derived. No meat, no fish, no eggs, no dairy, no cheese...and also no sodas, no coffee, nothing in cans, nothing in plastic bottles (a few exceptions)...and for the record, fish are not vegetables. I am healthier and more energetic not eating animal flesh (perhaps you can interview my ladies, hee hee). Poison in moderation is still poison. and a "moderate" gunshot wound to the head might still be fatal, don't you think? :-)
    2. As far as what's wrong with milk and dairy, check out http://www.notmilk.com
    3. When you say "the conclusion was..," whose conclusion was that? Was it yours? Was it the dairy council of milk sellers, or a study funded by them, perhaps? The basic premise of what I teach in How to Reverse Aging is that you are your own authority. Here's an excerpt: "Furthermore, the flaw in using that word "science"--as it is used in our society--is that it puts the entire conversation and power into the hands of others who are presumably more qualified to find answers. In other words, since we average people in our society do not consider ourselves "scientists," it becomes necessary for us to wait for the scientists to research, prove and validate all of our decisions. However, once you realize that scientists are themselves flawed humans-- men and women--with their own gender and cultural biases, religious and political leanings, world views, personality disorders, cognitive shortcomings, often linear (rather than wholistic) ways of thinking, as well as distortions or method and reporting that are subject to corruption by greed, prestige and the interests and the dictates of the state and/or the highest bidder, then you realize the fatal--yes, literally fatal--flaw of giving control of your health to "science" and scientists.

    Further in the interview, I responded to another question: Fasting means no food. Only water. Perhaps a few times a year, I might do a 7-10 day lemonade fast/cleanse based on this book: http://themastercleanse.com/master-cleanse/the-master- cleanser/

    Next week, Winston asks: Have you tried it? How did it feel? There are so many ways to detoxify yourself out there. How do you know which one to use?
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