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  • Message from Walt
  • This is an exciting time!

    However, you may need to look BEHIND the news to see that something dramatic is happening. Occupy Wall Street is just one faction of a global awakening and paradigm shift that is gaining momentum. Yes, the world is changing! We have the opportunity to steer this change in a particular direction. You can't sit by and simply watch it happen. If you do, you'll miss out on something significant. You need to hasten it, become it and embrace the change you wish to see in the world. It's all about FREEDOM!

    Prosperity. Escape. Health. These are issues that are important to me. However, I'm not the only one. From my vantage point, I am observing and meeting more and more people who are getting on the same page! Economic freedom is being demanded by the "Occupy movement" across the world. Health freedom is being taken back by communities taking control of their water and ownership of their seeds. People are starting to realize they've been lied to and are seeking freedom first in the form of information--truth about the economy, the world, as well as health that will set them free. As a result, these are the three conversations I find myself having again and again with friends, clients and complete strangers. The good news is: It's all achievable!

    Welcome to the first in a new newsletter series I call "Achievable Freedom" based on all the information I've presented over the years turning your passion into profit (prosperity), following the tenets of the Ageless Adept (health), and even my "Jamaican in...." nomad adventures! (escape)

    Every Monday, this newsletter will share links to articles, reports, websites, documentaries current events and more to offer information, inspiration and ideas to help you claim the freedom that is your birthright. Yes, this is an exciting time! Join the movememt!
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  • Freedom to Profit & Prosper
  • The first thing I'd like to call your attention to is a documentary entitled "Zeitgeist: Moving Forward." It's the third in a trilogy of eye-opening documentaries from producer Peter Joseph. Among other things, this amazing documentary puts the entire economic paradigm and its deceptions, delusions, inconsistencies, and insanity into perspective and offers a solution! Check it out on Youtube. It's been viewed almost 12 million times!
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  • Freedom to Escape
  • Escape means different things to different people. Today's feature is about a movement to escape the cultural norms that make dating and romance a nightmare for many people in our industrialized society. Check out the Happier Abroad website!
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  • Freedom to be Ageless
  • Finally, despite what you've been led to believe, Cancer is--and has been--curable! Check out the first of the 9 part The Gerson Miracle on Youtube!
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